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In 2018 he appeared on the Fight Disciples Podcast to talk about his career as a Professional Gambler. You should give it a listen…

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When I first joined here it blew my mind how much money we make. I guarantee you will make money long term if you stick to the betting tips. The money we make easily pays for the subscription.

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I’ve been a member for about a year and I love it here. This service has helped me change my life for the better, both financially and the enjoyment I get from MMA. I am now betting for a living.

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I’ve seen my bankroll more than double in the last month. I highly recommended this service. The Live Betting Tips and Commentary during UFC events is great. I can’t believe how much money I make.

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I knew nothing about gambling before I joined. Allsopp has taught me all I know and the time and effort he puts into research is second to none. Learn the system we use and you will make money.