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A free account enables you to join in the discussions in our Public Chat Room and Forums. The Public Chat Room gets particularly busy during UFC events, so be sure to come here each week and watch the fights with other members of the community.

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A VIP Membership gives you instant access to in depth analysis and breakdown videos that go into a lot of depth on every single UFC fight. You’ll also gain access to a VIP Chat Room which you can use to communicate with other members of the community.

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Listen to alternate commentary during UFC events that breaks fights down from the In-Play Betting perspective. Commentary focuses on explaining gameplans, strategies and MMA techniques from a deeper perspective than the commentary you’ll hear during the fight broadcasts.

Football Betting Tips

Allsopp’s Football Betting Tips combine over 30 years of experience watching football, with the set of skills he has used to make money betting on MMA for over a decade.