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[adrotate group=”25″]Bellator 115 is an event made up of heavy favourites fighting heavy underdogs. This is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that all the underdogs should win. The good news is that there’s still a great bet at decent odds on Vitaly Minakov to beat Cheick Kongo.

Vitaly Minakov is a more well rounded fighter and he has an advantage in almost any area this fight could take place. Kongo’s only hope of winning this fight is with a knock out and that’s extremely unlikely for a couple of reasons. Firstly Minakov is undefeated in 13 fights and he’s never even come close to being finished with strikes. The second reason is that although Kongo was once seen as a devastating knock out striker, he’s only knocked out 2 opponents in his last 11 fights and neither of those guys had particularly strong chins.

Finding ways that Minakov can win this fight is a lot easier. First of all there is a 9 year age gap between the fighters, which is massive in MMA. This kind of age gap will result in the younger fighter winning around 70% of the time.

Minakov also has a very well rounded skillset and has multiple ways that he can win this fight. He has good MMA wrestling, which he can use to control Kongo and he’s also a decent submission grappler if the opportunity to submit Kongo presents itself. Kongo on the other hand isn’t the best MMA grappler and this could be a really tough fight for him if Minakov chooses to take him to the ground.

Cheick Kongo’s chin is also questionable and at 38 years old it’s only going to get worse. Kongo got absolutely rocked by Pat Barry in 2011, he took a bomb to the head against Mark Hunt in February of 2012 and Roy Nelson knocked him clean out with a huge punch in 2013. This is a lot of damage for a 38 year old brain to endure and as a result I don’t see Kongo being able to take many big punches from the Russian.

I’m not crazy about the odds on Minakov to win, but I’m also not stupid enough to led low odds get in the way of a good bet. Kongo is going to have to avoid Minakov’s takedowns and knock the Russian out to win this fight and I just don’t see it happening. Especially in a 5 round title fight…

Some online betting websites are offering really low odds on this fight, but you can currently get odds of around 1.40 | -250 | 2/5 at [adrotate group=”34″]. Be sure to place your bets on this fight as soon as possible as the odds are currently dropping rapidly!

OUR BET: 10.00 UNITS ON VITALY MINAKOV TO WIN AT 1.40 | -250 | 2/5



The best odds available for this Bellator 115 fight can be found at [adrotate group=”34″].

Vitaly Minakov To Win
Cheick Kongo To Win

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