Betting Results For UFC Fight Night 51 – 10.30 Units Profit

[adrotate group=”103″]A 10.3 unit profit from our betting tips for UFC Fight Night 51 means that we’ve now made a profit in 7 out of the last 8 UFC events. Within those events, we’ve only lost 4 bets out of 24. A profit on this event also extends our winning streak to 5 winning events in a row.

The good news, is that the next two events are shaping up to be great for betting, so we should easily finish September with a strong profit for the month.

If we’ve helped you to win money, we hope that you’re enjoying the boost to your bankroll or the extra cash in your bank. Get used to it, because we’re not slowing down and you can expect to make a lot more money with us before the end of the year.

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Here are our official betting results for UFC Fight Night 51:

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