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I’m not playing around with my betting tips for the TUF 21 Finale. I’m picking 5 fighters who all hold significant advantages over their opponents. The only way that any of our bets will lose on this event, is if someone gets caught with a flash knockout, significantly underperforms or gets injured. We have a great chance of going 5-0 on this event and I’m really looking forward to getting back in the win column with a decent profit.

It seems like everyone who bet on UFC 189 made a loss, but thankfully we were able to keep our losses to a minimum. I feel confident that we will bounce back with a decent win from our bets for TUF 21 Finale and I can’t wait to put some money back in the bank.

I have a total of 5 betting tips for the TUF 21 Finale. One of these tips can be read in this article and the rest can be viewed by my Premium Members. Click here to check them out.

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This fight is a very similar match up to Robbie Lawler vs Rory MacDonald. Hayder Hassan is actually one of Robbie’s direct training partners, so it comes as no surprised that there are a lot of similarities in the way both guys fight. Hayder Hassan is a devastating power puncher who walks his opponent’s down and looks to knock their head off, whilst Kamaru Usman is faster, more athletic and more well rounded.

We lost a bet on Rory MacDonald last night, but I always prefer to bet on the fighter who has more ways to win and that’s why I’m betting on Kamaru Usman.

Usman should be able to keep the standup exchanges competitive, whilst stealing rounds with his powerful wrestling and top control.

Hayder Hassan is no joke, but he is a little one dimensional and his fighting style takes a lot of energy. Hayder slows down considerably the longer a fight goes on and I believe Usman will be able to wear him down against the cage, even if he can’t complete takedowns or control Hassan on the ground.

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Usman’s striking has actually improved a lot and he’ll have a sizable speed advantage over Hayder. Usman also utilizes good footwork and he does a great job of getting in and out of his opponent’s range. Hayder’s style of striking is only effective if he can catch his opponent’s flat footed. He’s not particularly fast and he’s not that great at countering. He has to cut angles and trap his opponent’s in order to inflict signficant damage and I don’t believe he’ll be able to pressure Usman or cut off the cage without commiting and getting taken down.

Usman also has a 6 inch reach advantage and he fights very long. This should help him stay out of Hayder’s striking range. If he can stay light on his feet and avoid getting trapped with his back against the cage, he should easily be able to pick Hayder apart with his faster hands and more diverse range of strikes.

You can never count a guy like Hayder Hassan out of a fight because he has knockout power and he’s extremely tough. Having said that. He does match up badly with Usman and Usman should be able to win this fight by winning at least 2 out of 3 rounds with takedowns and cage control. Hayder slows down considerably the longer a fight goes on and I wouldn’t rule out a TKO win for Usman in the 2nd or 3rd round.

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MY BETTING TIP: 2 Units [2% of your bankroll] on Kamaru Usman to win at odds of 1.50 | -201 | 1/2

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