Betting Tips, Picks & Predictions For UFC 178

We’ve got 4 betting tips for UFC 178 and we’re predicting another big profit because there are some excellent value bets on this card.

UFC 178 is shaping up to be one of the biggest events of the year and I also feel like there’s a very good chance that we’ll also bank our biggest profit of the year. This event is so stacked that not even Dominick Cruz could get on the main card!!!

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Eddie Alvarez left Bellator as their Lightweight Champion and I’m really looking forward to seeing him fight in the UFC. Alvarez is one of the most exciting fighters in the Lightweight division, but I do feel like the odds makers got a little carried away when they made him the favourite against Donald Cerrone.

Many people think that this will be a close fight, but I actually think that this is a very bad match up for Eddie Alvarez.

Eddie Alvarez’s biggest weakness is his chin and he’s fighting one of the biggest power punchers in the UFC’s Lightweight division. Nobody in Bellator will have hit as hard as Donald Cerrone and Alvarez has been rocked in almost all of his recent fights.

Donald Cerrone is the complete opposite because he has a cast iron chin and he’s the type of guy who can take your biggest punch, before countering with a huge power strike that will put you to sleep.

Eddie Alvarez also fights with his hands low, which makes him an easy target for a rangey fighter like Cerrone. In the last few years we’ve seen Cerrone finish multiple people with vicious head kicks and Alvarez leaves himself wide open to this kind of attack.

You also have to take into consideration the psychological advantage that Donald Cerrone has over Eddie Alvarez. Fighting guys that most people have never heard of in front of 2000 people in a Bellator main event, is a lot different to fighting Donald Cerrone in the MGM Grand in front of 20,000 people. This will be another day at the office for Donald Cerrone, but this will be a huge step up for Eddie Alvarez. Octagon jitters are very real and you only have to look at Hector Lombard’s debut in the UFC to see that a strong résumé counts for nothing when the Octagon door closes shut.

I’m a big fan of Eddie Alvarez, but I’m also a realist and his chances of winning this fight aren’t good. The most likely outcome is Donald Cerrone winning by knockout and that’s why I’m tipping him to win. I also recommend that you place a bet on this fight to last less than 2.5 rounds, because Donald Cerrone and Eddie Alvarez are not the kind of guys who leave their fights in the hands of the judges.

OUR FIRST BETTING TIP: 10.00 Units on Donald Cerrone to win at odds of 2.00 | +100 | 1/1
OUR SECOND BETTING TIP: 10.00 Units on this fight to last less than 2.5 rounds at odds of 2.00 | +100 | 1/1
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