Betting Tips, Picks & Predictions UFC Fight Night 50

[adrotate group=”106″]We’ve got 4 betting tips for UFC Fight Night 50 and we’re hoping to kick off September with another profit after successfully earning a profit in 5 out of the last 6 UFC events. We’re confident that we can turn September into another winning month, as we continue to win money betting on the UFC.

We started to write this article before the full betting lines for UFC Fight Night 50 were made available. As a result, we may add more betting tips to this article when all the odds are released. Please come and check this article closer to the time of the event for any updates to our betting tips.

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I love it when Sportsbooks offer over 2.5 round betting lines on 5 round fights. This is because fighters tend to pace themselves in 5 round fights and as a result they fight a lot more tentatively than they normally would in the early stages of a match up.

Gegard Mousasi and Jacare Souza are very well matched and I’d be very surprised if this fight ended under 2.5 rounds. Mousasi is a solid fighter, who is decent everywhere, but he lacks finishing power. Jacare is a dangerous finisher but Mousasi definitely has the skills required to neutralize most of his threats.

The odds on this fight to go over 2.5 rounds are very generous. You should bet them soon before they drop any lower!

OUR BETTING TIP: 10.00 Units on this fight to go over 2.5 rounds at odds of 1.47 | -212 | 47/100
The best odds on this fight to go over 2.5 rounds can be found at: [adrotate group=”74″]

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Derrick Lewis is very similar to Ovince St Preux and Soa Palelei because he’s had a couple of highlight reel finishes that have artificially created the perception that Derrick Lewis is a good fighter. In truth, Lewis is a pretty poor fighter and I expect him to get exposed by Matt Mitrione, in the same way that Jared Rosholt and Ryan Bader were able to expose Palelei and St Preux in recent months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Matt Mitrione is a great fighter either, but Mitrione certainly has all the tools necessary to take care of Lewis.

Derrick Lewis’ main problem is that he is very slow and very predictable. The guy has an ungodly amount of power, but he’s going to find it difficult to use that power against Mitrione, who does a really good job of staying active and closing the distance.

Matt Mitrione’s biggest weakness is his take down defence, but Lewis telegraphs his takedowns and Mitrione is fast enough and athletic enough to avoid being on the bottom for too long.

Matt Mitrione’s take down defence and ground game has also significantly improved, since he started training at the Blackzilians with guys like Anthony Johnson and Rashad Evans.

OUR BETTING TIP: 10.00 Units on Matt Mitrione to win at odds of 2.20 | +120 | 6/5
The best odds on Matt Mitrione to win can be found at: [adrotate group=”91″]

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Nik Lentz’s only chance of winning this fight is to survive for 15 minutes against the submission clinic that he is likely to endure at the hands of Charles Oliveira. There’s literally nothing that Lentz can do offensively to cause Oliveira a problem.

Nik Lentz uses a grinding, grappling style to wear his opponents down, but that strategy won’t work against Charles Oliveira, who can literally submit anyone from any position. Lentz also doesn’t benefit from having the explosive, bull like strength of some wrestlers, which would enable him to power out of Oliveira’s submission attempts. Lentz frequently finds himself in bottom position against journeymen grapplers and whilst he is good at controlling opponents against the cage, he’s not that great at controlling opponents from top position. I’m not at all worried about Nik Lentz grinding out a decision by holding Oliveira against the cage, because Oliveira is excellent in the clinch and he has good Muay Thai striking.

Charles Oliveira has a big advantage over Nik Lentz when it comes to striking. The Brazilian has a solid Muay Thai style with a 5 inch reach advantage that will cause Lentz all kinds of problems if this fight stays standing.

Charles Oliveira’s aggression will be the difference in this fight. More often than ever before we are seeing judges score fights in favour of the aggressor, regardless of how much “control” someone has. Oliveira will try to break Nik Lentz’s arms, legs, face and spirit from the very first second of this fight and I don’t see any way that Nik Lentz can win. The odds on Oliveira are an absolute steal and this is undoubtedly the safest bet for UFC Fight Night 50.

OUR BETTING TIP: 10.00 Units on Charles Oliveira to win at odds of 1.71 | -140 | 71/100
The best odds on Charles Oliveira to win can be found at: [adrotate group=”104″]

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Chris Camozzi has lost his last 3 fights and Rafael Natal has lost his last 2. As a result, it is very likely that the loser of this fight will be released from the UFC. Both Camozzi and Natal will understand the implications of adding another loss to their record and they will both be feeling a lot of pressure come fight night.

The pressure of losing your place in the UFC and the lack of confidence that comes from losing consecutive fights will usually cause fighters to perform more tentatively. This is because they become more focused on not losing a fight, than taking risks and trying to win it. Confidence is a huge factor in MMA and fighters without it, tend to fight more cautiously.

Chris Camozzi and Rafael Natal both lack finishing power and with their place in the UFC on the line, they are likely to fight even more tentatively that usual. This fight to go the distance is a great bet at odds of 1.59 | -169 | 59/100. Get on it guys!!!

OUR BETTING TIP: 10.00 Units on this fight to go the distance at odds of 1.59 | -169 | 59/100
The best odds on this fight to go the distance can be found at: [adrotate group=”38″]

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