Betting Tips For UFC 170 – Ronda Rousey v Sara McMann

[adrotate group=”25″]Normally our articles feature a picture of a fighter in the heat of battle, but on this occasion we chose to use a picture that would reflect just how fresh Ronda Rousey is going to look after she beats Sara McMann.

This fight is a gift for the current Champion, because there is nothing that McMann can do to beat her. Even if Rousey was to get struck by lightning in the Octagon on Saturday night, I’d still fancy her chances of fighting through it and earning the win. I don’t want this betting tip to sound disrespectful, I just want to illustrate how big of an advantage the current Champion has in this fight.

The odds on Rousey to win are excellent value at around 1.25 | -400 | 1/4 over at [adrotate group=”26″], but you need to place your bets as soon as possible, because the odds won’t stay this good for long. I know that it probably sounds strange to hear someone calling odds as low as 1.25 | -400 | 1/4 excellent value, but unless something crazy happens on Saturday night, Rousey is going to walk away with the win.

At this point in our betting tip articles, we would normally write a whole load of reasons why Rousey has a statistical advantage in this fight, but on this occasion we can’t be bothered. Both these girls are elite grapplers, but Rousey is significantly better than McMann in every area this fight could take place. Ok, so maybe now I’m starting to sound a little dismissive of McMann’s chances of winning this fight, so I’ll cut a long story short and give you the basic jist of why you should be betting big money on Rousey to win.

Sara McMann won a Silver Medal in Wrestling at the Olympics and she uses this world class grappling pedigree to take her opponents down and control them on the ground. Unfortunately this strategy will play right into the hands of Rousey, who is an elite ground fighter and lethal submission specialist. Sara McMann trying to beat Ronda Rousey by taking her down, is the equivalent of a Matador trying to fight a bull, whilst wearing a red suit. If she goes to the ground with Ronda Rousey, she’s going to end up with a broken arm. It’s that simple.

Rousey’s dominance on the ground means that McMann’s only chance of winning this fight will be to keep it standing, which she won’t be able to do because Rousey’s Olympic level Judo throws are unstoppable. It doesn’t matter if McMann has won a Silver medal at the Olympics, there’s nobody in the UFC with takedown defence that can stuff Rousey’s throws.

Even though Ronda Rousey will probably take Sara McMann down and break her arm within about 30 seconds, we can’t ignore the fact that when two elite grapplers compete, the fight is normally contested in the stand up department. This is another area in which Rousey has a massive advantage, as she has been training with Boxing World Champions for this fight. She has also demonstrated her ability to stand up with her opponents, by holding her own in the striking exchanges with Miesha Tate in her last fight.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but placing bets on fights like this is about as close as it gets to printing your own money. Sell your house, sell your car and sell your kids, to get as much money as you possibly can to bet big on Rousey to win. When the odds are this low, it’s important to win as much money as you can, so place your bets over at [adrotate group=”26″], who currently have the best odds for this fight.

OUR BET: 20.00 UNITS ON RONDA ROUSEY TO WIN AT 1.25 | -400 | 1/4



The best odds for this fight can be found at [adrotate group=”26″].

Ronda Rousey To Win
Sarah McMann To Win

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