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The numbers don’t lie…

The different types of Betting Tips that you will find on this page have stood the test of time by producing a profit over a minimum sample size of 200 bets.

Like anything in life where you can achieve great success, making money from betting on MMA is not easy. It is a complex task and a complex topic. There is no blanket bankroll management/staking strategy that can be applied to all different types of betting in an optimum way.

Each style of bet found on this page is nuanced, and therefore, I’ve recommended optimum ways to tail these different kinds of bets. The goal is to maximize the amount of money you can make while at the same time protecting you from wiping out your bankroll during the inevitable bad patches that we will hit.

We are on a journey of continual improvement, and therefore we are always looking for ways to squeeze more money out of the 20 to 30 hours of Fight Research that we put in each week.  As a result, we are constantly experimenting with new kinds of bets. You can take a look at these experimental bets and track their progress in The Lab.

“Time is your friend. Impulse is your enemy”

– Jack Bogle, Vanguard CEO

Taking an investment based approach to betting…

Many great investors believe strongly in Index Funds because they allow you to spread your money out across different Stock Market industries. The theory is that your money will continue to grow over the long term because whenever one area of the Stock Market is not performing well, the cumulative growth from the other areas of the Stock Market will balance things out.

This is the approach that we take to betting on MMA. We use our Fight Research to dig for strong positions on a wide range of MMA bets spanning across various types of Prefight Bets, Prop Bets, and Live Bets. This means that when one type of bet may not be performing well, hopefully, the other types of bets will balance things out. This helps us continue to grind out long-term profits, even when certain types of bets may be going through short periods of bad variance.

By taking this diversified approach to betting, we can also use different betting/staking strategies for each type of bet so that we are betting in an optimal way. By breaking things down into different categories, we can also cut out certain types of bets that may not be performing well. This enables us to constantly tweak the way we do things to maximize the amount of money that we can make.

Loose Bets

Loose Bets are where we have identified clear and obvious advantages for a fighter over their opponent. Loose Bets can also be where we’ve found an underdog that has a good risk to reward ratio, even though they may not have the best chance of winning.

The number of Loose Bets that we have can differ significantly from event to event. Sometimes we may just have 1 or 2 Loose Bets and at other times we may have 7-10 bets. For this reason, correct bankroll management is essential, so that you don’t have too big of a percentage of your bankroll at risk on those events where we have a higher volume of bets than usual. Remember that anything can happen in MMA and on any given night every bet could lose.

Ideally you never want to risk more than 20% of your bankroll on a single event and it’s important to use Compound Interest to protect yourself even further by scaling stake size up and down regularly. This will enable you to maximise the amount of money you can make in an uptrend, while protecting you from losing everything in a downtrend.

Loose Betting Style

wdt_ID Date Event Fight Bet Stake Odds Result
Date Event Fight Bet Stake Odds Result

Only place one of the bets, if the same bet is listed in the Loose and Tight Bets database. DO NOT double up on bets.

Tight Bets

Tight Bets are where we identify a clear edge over the bookie when we compare the probability we believe a fighter has of winning based on our research, compared to the implied probability in the fighter’s odds.

These bets have a long, profitable history, and due to their large sample size, they’re the safest kind of bet you’ll find on the website after Allsopp’s highly profitable Live Betting Tips.

We don’t give many of these bets out each month because it’s rare to find situations where there is a ton of value in the odds. This is no surprise with how many eyeballs there are on UFC fights these days. Because these bets are low volume, they are prone to lengthy swings in both directions. 

We only tend to discover 2 or 3 of these bets every month which means uptrends can last a long time and so can downtrends. This is because there aren’t a high enough volume of bets to quickly change trends. Patience is essential when tailing these Tight Bets.

wdt_ID Date Event Fight Bet Stake Odds Result
wdt_ID Date Event Fight Bet Stake Odds Result