Football Betting Tips – Gameweek 11

I’ve just completed the third month in my Football Betting Challenge, and so far things are going great. I have successfully made a profit every month, which is incredible because I have been experimenting a lot and making tons of mistakes. My profits should now start to increase as I refine my strategies and begin to implement some of the things that I’ve learned through both trial and error and correcting some mistakes that I have been making.

I have now placed over 300 bets on Football since the beginning of the World Cup. Within those bets, I’ve experimented with lots of different strategies, and I now feel I have a pretty good understanding of what works well and what doesn’t. November will be the first month where I stop experimenting and start to implement a clear strategy that I believe will be very effective at grinding out solid long term profits betting on Football.

I hope that you have made some money following my betting tips on Football and I hope that you are also earning money with my betting tips on UFC. The next few months should be huge for us. I promise you that I am working extremely hard to put some extra cash in our pockets for Christmas.

UFC 230 Betting Tips, Picks and Predictions

We returned to winning ways last weekend by banking a solid profit on both our prefight and Live Betting Tips for UFC Fight Night 138. It felt great to put a solid amount of money in the bank and I am confident that we can keep it going this week. I hate to keep repeating myself, but we tend to do extremely well during the Autumn / Winter run of UFC events, so why should this year be any different? We now have a UFC event every weekend between now and Christmas and I am looking forward to making a killing over the next few months.

UFC Fight Night 138 Betting Tips, Picks and Predictions

It seems crazy that we’ve had the odds for UFC Fight Night Moncton for two weeks now and I’m only posting our first bet a few hours before the event is scheduled to start. This is no accident. Since the odds were first released I’ve watched the odds on the fighter we’re betting slowly improve, so I’ve left it to the final minute to recommend this bet in an effort to squeeze out as much value in the odds as possible.

I am very excited for tonight. In recent months we’ve been consistently putting our money in strong positions and narrowly missing out on several big paydays. Not much has gone our way with UFC betting this year. We’ve been extremely unlucky, but historically we tend to do very well in the busy Autumn / Winter run of MMA events.

Football Betting Tips – Gameweek 10

After a strong start to October, we’ve been floating around break even this week. Thankfully this weekend’s Premier League games look excellent for betting. I am hoping that we can finish the month strong with some big winners. Overall October has been great so far, but I am confident that it’s about to get even better…

Don’t forget that this weekend kicks off a monster run of UFC events. We now have a UFC event every weekend up until Christmas. Don’t miss out on my highly profitable Live Betting Tips for UFC. I feel extremely confident that we are going to make a killing between now and the end of the year.

Football Betting Tips – Gameweek 8

We head into this weekend’s Premier League fixtures on the back of a giant midweek profit betting on the Champions League and Europa League. I am now just $1000 away from doubling the bankroll that I started with just 2 months ago.

Football has got me excited lately, but nowhere near as excited as I am for UFC 229. We tend to make monster profits every autumn Live Betting on the UFC, so I know that the next huge run is only just around the corner. UFC 229 is the biggest event in UFC history, so there’s never been a better time for us to kick off our next huge winning run.

Champions League & Europa League Betting Tips – Gameweek 2

I made a killing the last time we had Champions League and Europa League games, so I am hoping that I can repeat that success and go into UFC 229 this weekend on the back of a monster profit.

This week we have over 50 games in the two European club tournaments, so I am not going to list them all here, but I will be Live Betting all of them from 5:55pm British time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I will also be offering a few pregame bets on these matches. I will update the table below with new pregame bets throughout the week, so please keep checking this page regularly for new Europa League and Champions League betting tips.

We also then have a Premier League game between Brighton and West Ham on Friday night. I should also be able to Livebet this from 8pm British time.

This could potentially be a monster week for us, but monster weeks also mean that at certain times we may have a lot of money on the table. Remember that on any given day we can get killed just as easily as we can make a lot of money. Let’s bet smart, use good bankroll management and grind out decent profits daily so that by the end of the week our bankrolls have grown significantly.

These are the kinds of weeks when it is vital to gamble responsibly. Please make sure that you never have a significant % of your bankroll or account balance at risk at any one time.

With that said, I am very optimistic about our chances of making a lot of money this week. Good luck, let’s crush it!