UFC on ESPN 3 Betting Tips, Picks and Predictions

Last week I spent a lot of time hunting for bets for UFC on ESPN+ 7 and I didn’t find a single bet that I liked. This week is very different. After just 30 minutes of researching this card, I managed to find a bet that I LOVE.

This week is going to be a very busy week for us. On Saturday we have 3 major MMA events with KSW, Bellator and the UFC all holding events. Don’t forget that we will also be able to Live Bet KSW. The good news is that the UFC is broadcast later this week so there shouldn’t be any crossover in Live Betting on KSW like we had for the last event.

UFC on ESPN+ 7 Betting Tips, Picks and Predictions

April is already shaping up to be a good month for us after we banked a solid profit last weekend in both prefight and live betting. UFC 236 was an event packed full of big-name UFC fighters, but we now turn our attention to a very different kind of challenge in UFC on ESPN+ 7. This weekend’s card is packed full of inexperienced fighters and guys making their UFC debut.

Don’t forget that home advantage is huge in Russia. This means that we need to be very careful about betting against Russians this weekend.

UFC on ESPN 2 Betting Tips, Picks and Predictions

2019 continues to be an excellent year for us, as we banked another solid profit last weekend on both prefight and Live Betting.

The future has never looked brighter for us because now, for the first time ever, we can also Live Bet on smaller promotions like Bellator and KSW across multiple different betting websites. This is a game changer because it gives us 20 to 30 more opportunities to make money every year. This Friday we have another Bellator event, and as ever, I’ll be offering my highly profitable Live Betting Tips and alternate fight commentary to all of my Elite Members.

Over the last few months, I’ve also noticed more and more betting websites offering Live Betting on UFC and in particular the number of betting sites offering Live Betting on the early prelim fights is increasing.

We have already made over 20 units of profit in 2019 and with so many events coming up over the next few months, I am confident that this is going to be a massive year for us. Thank you so much for your support. I promise I’ll continue to work hard so that we can always be sure we have our money in strong positions!

UFC 236 Betting Tips, Picks and Predictions

March turned out to be another great month for us. We banked a total profit of just under 20 units of profit. I’m really proud of these profits because even though we did good in March, we still suffered from a lot of bad luck in our losses on Tim Means, Volkan Oezdemir and Michael Johnson. Those 3 losses were a combined -8 unit swing. I know that losing is apart of this game, but it really does put into perspective the fact that even when we lose, we consistently put our money in very strong positions. I am very excited to now build on these profits and make even more money over the next few months.

UFC on ESPN+ 6 Betting Tips, Picks and Predictions

2019 has been a great year so far, and after last weekend’s profit, March is shaping up to be another solid month for us.

We have been bombarded by major MMA events since the beginning of February, and in the next 2 weeks we have 4 more events to look forward to. Bellator 218, Bellator 219, UFC on ESPN+ 6 and UFC on ESPN 2 all take place over the next 2 weeks, giving us multiple opportunities to make money.

Don’t forget that several major betting websites are now offering Live Betting on Bellator events. This means that I’ll be offering my Live Betting Tips and alternate fight commentary this Friday night for Bellator 218.

Please just remember that Live Betting on Bellator is still in its early stages, which means that the overall experience is not as smooth as it is for UFC events. The betting sites are still experimenting with different maximum bet limits and liquidity, and sometimes we see them miss out certain fights on the main card, especially when Bellator reshuffle their main card schedule at late notice.

I recommend signing up to my free Telegram Channel so that you can receive push alerts to your mobile phone letting you know what time Live Betting on Bellator is scheduled to start. At this early stage in the week it’s not possible to confirm yet and even on fight day the start time can change.

UFC on ESPN+ 5 Betting Tips, Picks and Predictions

Last week turned out to be a frustrating week for betting as Tim Means was flash KO’d at the hands of Niko Price. This was exceptionally unlucky because Means had NEVER been KO’d in his 40 pro fight career. He’s usually very good defensively and he has an excellent chin. It was a tough loss to take because Means was dominating the fight everywhere. He was manhandling Niko Price on the ground and also picking him apart in the striking exchanges. Hopefully, we can get back on track with a profit this week. I’ll be working really hard all week to try and get our money into some strong positions.

We’ve already made over 10 units of profit this year and with 5 major MMA events still to come in March I am confident that we can still make this a profitable month.

UFC on ESPN+3 Betting Tips, Picks and Predictions

Over the last few weeks, I have started to notice some signs that the oddsmakers are struggling with the sheer number of fights taking place at the moment. The odds on the Cheick Kongo vs. Vitaly Minakov fight from this past weekend was an excellent example of this.

We’ve also seen see odds thrown up in Live Betting over the last few weeks that are completely crazy. On Bellator Newcastle 2 weeks ago, Ryan Scope and Corey Browning were massive underdogs in between rounds even though it was clear that they were involved in 50 / 50 fights. Just this past weekend we saw Aljamain Sterling, Nik Lentz, and Paul Felder as moderate favorites at the end of round 2, even though all 3 fighters were CLEARLY up 2 rounds going into the 3rd rounds with their opponents needing a finish to win the fight.

Inaccurate odds on MMA are nothing new. The opening odds on all MMA events tend to be off by 20% to 40%, but the betting sites usually get away with this by setting super low max bet limits in the days or weeks after the odds first get released. They then rely on the betting public to correct them for a minimal cost because they set max bet limits extremely low. As we get closer to the time of the fights, the betting sites gradually increase the max bet limits as the odds continue to be corrected and therefore become more accurate. Now that we are getting 1 to 3 events per week, this system is failing because it’s taking the oddsmakers longer to research fights and publish the odds, which means there isn’t as much time for the betting public to correct the odds before the fights take place.

This system is also failing because the betting public also does not have enough time to identify inaccuracies. I bet on MMA for a living, and right now I am spending 9 to 10 hours per day sitting in front of my computer researching fights. I do this 6 days a week and spend the majority of the 7th day sleeping. The average person simply cannot do this because they have to work a job and have other commitments, so this means that inaccurate odds are floating around for much longer, with decent max bet limits.

In light of all the crazy odds we are seeing, I have a feeling that we are going to do really good over the next few months if this continues.

After scanning through all the fights taking place this weekend at UFC on ESPN+ 3 I see a lot of inaccurate odds. This is something I usually see when odds first get released for a card, but the difference this week is that we are only 4 days away from the fights, so there isn’t much time for these odds to change and max bet limits will dramatically increase every day now in the run-up to an event.

For this reason, I am going to do things slightly differently this week. I am going to focus on researching these fights and getting bets out ASAP before the odds start to decline too much. I will then go back and add breakdowns and reasoning for the bets later on in the week when my research is done. Writing breakdowns is a very time-consuming process, and I think my time is better spent focusing on research at this early, critical stage of the week. I hope you understand.

These are exciting times for us. We have already banked 12.50 units of profit in February, and if the betting sites continue to struggle, I strongly believe that we have some big paydays ahead of us.

Bellator 216 Betting Picks, Predictions and Tips

The main card for Bellator 216 starts in around 4 hours and this looks like it could be a really good card for betting. There are at least 2 bets for this event that I like a lot.

Don’t forget that tonight I will be running an experiment to see if there is enough liquidity available on websites like Bet365 and William Hill to start offering Live Betting Tips on Bellator for every event in the future.