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[Sticky] DO NOT use HitBTC or - HitBTC is a scam  


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28/12/2017 8:28 pm  

Hey guys,

Hope you're having a good day.

I just wanted to let you guys know that the Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC are a scam website. I personally had $1000 worth of Neblio stolen from me by HitBTC. 

It appears that many more people are in a similar position. You can check their Reddit page to see a lot of complaints about various different issues:

HitBTC are owned by a UK based company called Hit Techs. This company dissolved in May 2017, which means that HitBTC is currently operating illegally in the UK:

HitBTC is owned by a guy called George Basiladze. He also owns the company Cryptopay:

Cryptopay enable you to withdraw your Bitcoin from ATM machines or spend it in stores with a prepaid Cash Card. DO NOT put your crypto into either HitBTC or Cryptopay. George Basiladze is a scammer and his businesses cannot be trusted. 

Here is an example of one of the ways in which HitBTC steals money from people:

There are many more examples out there.

I won't go into specific details about how they stole money from me, but it is basically undeniable that they did it. Unfortunately they don't respond to emails and they cannot be tracked down to a specific address. They hide behind a cloud of secrecy.

Cryptopay and HitBTC are both scam websites. Do not use either of them.

I am currently in the process of having George Basiladze investigated by Trading Standards as well as the Financial Services Authority and Financial Ombudsmen.

Here is more information on Basiladze's involvement with both websites. This information is taken from Reddit:

HITBTC CONTACT INFO (plz upvote to the top!) from hitbtc


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11/01/2018 12:35 pm  

Hey guys,

The $1000 that HitBTC / stole from me is now worth $4000, so I am still trying to fight to get it back.

Below are a couple of screenshots showing what happened.

I have 2 factor authentication setup on my account, which means that nobody should be able to login to my account even if they have my username and password because they would need to be holding my mobile phone to be able to pass 2 factor authentication to login. Even if they had my phone it would be tough for them to do it because I have a fingerprint scanner on my phone and they'd need to bypass that too. 

I also have it setup so that I need to click a link in an email to confirm a withdrawal before it can be processed.

There is no way that a hacker could have overcome all these steps. Not even my wife could have done it.

As you can see in the screenshots below, $4000 worth of Neblio, District0x and Mothership was taken from my account, but no withdrawal transactions exist in the payment history. This means that someone at HitBTC must have removed the funds from my account or there is a HUGE vulnerability in their website.

I received no notification emails asking me to confirm withdrawals and as you can see in the screenshots no withdrawal request was ever made which means that this must have been an inside job.

This is extremely shady and also extremely worrying because Kucoin is the sister site of HitBTC. They are the same company and Kucoin is started to gain major traction as one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Here are the screenshots. Hopefully I get my money back. I'll keep you guys posted: