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Hi everyone, 

     I thought I would start this thread to help us Aussies come together and share our knowledge and strategies of our experiences in the Australian betting community. As we all know the game is different here in Aus and I think if we can come together and discuss some things we can help optimise everyones betting game in Aus. First off I have made a list of bookies that offer live betting for the UFC. I have also personally ranked them for live betting according to my own personal preference. 


2. Sportsbet (very close competition to 365 as far as live betting goes)

3. Pointsbet

4. Topsport

5. Unibet

These books have all the prelims etc on most fight cards.

Ladbrokes/Neds also offers LB for PPV. However sometimes this is only for the main card. 


Let me know what you think guys and if there's any other books you guys may know of. I will also write out my experiences and opinions on each Bookie when I get the chance. 

Righto boys, lets find a way to kick these bookies in the dick even harder.






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I was gonna try my betfair+VPN strategy last week but my account got suspended because I had to verify my card first. I’ve done that now and the account is open again ready for Sunday but it looks good so far

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