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Coins to watch in January

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Hey guys,

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Here are the cryptos that I recommend taking a look at in January. I will update this thread with new opportunities as I find them. Please feel free to add your own suggestions.


TenX could be a good investment for January as they have confirmed that they will begin the Worldwide rollout of their Cryptocards in Q1. One thing that has halted the growth of TenX is their inability to keep up with demand. In their recent Q + A they seem confident that they are finally fixing their logistical problems and their PAY token could see a big increase in value if they are able to get their TenX cards in the hands of more people. 


Edgeless is a project that aims to provide people with a fully transparent Casino experience, based on the Blockchain. Long term I think that this project will get crushed by the big money competitors in the mainstream Gambling industry but I do think this could be a good short term trading opportunity based on some upcoming news that they have recently made public.

On January 8th they plan on taking registrations for their Casino platform and they also plan to roll out a new version on January 18th. The market has not reacted to this news yet, but there is a good chance that it will soon. 

Based on this upcoming news Edgeless appears to be a good swing trading opportunity right now. I recommend that you exit your position on the 16th or 17th of January in case the value of the token crashes when they roll out their new platform on the 18th. 

I also recommend that you set a sensible stop loss to protect yourself on this one. I don't believe in the Edgeless project long term, so I don't recommend holding this token for too long. 


AdEx has been on a good run lately having doubled in price since December 17th. This price increase has been a direct result of some big pieces of news coming out about the future of the platform. Normally in these situations it is too late to make money from a project when upcoming developments have already been baked into the price, but I do feel like there may still be an opportunity to make money on this project in the next few months.

Over the last 11 days we've seen AdEx go from 7000 Satoshis up to around 20,000 Satoshis. However we also know that people do not like to hold long term positions. The majority of people tend to get impatient and sell.

Over the next few months AdEx has some big news coming out, including:

A Beta release of their platform around January 30th and a full prototype of their platform releasing in late February.

The price of AdEx has declined from around 23,000 Satoshis to 19,000 over the last few days and it appears that it is currently experiencing a correction. If it pulls back to 10,000 Satoshis over the next few days I think it could be an excellent buy because I do believe it will retest the highs of around 20,000 Satoshis when they launch their beta and prototype in January and February respectively.

My advice on this one is simple. Keep a close eye on AdEx over the next few days. If it corrects down to around 9000 - 11,000 Satoshis I would buy it... If not leave it. If you buy, you should hold it until at least late February when the prototype is scheduled to drop.


Golem is a project that I believe has a huge future long term. Now could be a great time to invest. It has done well in December, but it's currently priced at approximately 5000 Satoshis... A long way off it's all time high of approx 26,000 Satoshis.

It has been a long time since Golem released any significant news that would stimulate some price increase, but on January 5th they are scheduled to demonstrate the first use of their Blockchain based supercomputer network. 

I believe that Golem could change the world and be a huge project in the future if they can deliver on their promises. If their first use case is successful on January 5th, we could see a big 2018 for this project.


Funfair is another crypto in the gambling space that aims to offer a decentralized Casino experience based on the Blockchain. Just like Edgeless I believe that this project will get crushed by the big boys in the gambling industry... But I do think it could be a good short term opportunity to make money between now and March.

Over the next few months Funfair has some big news coming out and the market has not reacted to it yet. This news includes:

Applying for a gambling license to operate in the UK by Summer 2018 and also rolling out a live beta of their Casino platform. They also aim to release their API by summer 2018 which means that third party developers will be able to use their tech to build turnkey based Casino solutions. This is a similar business model to how Microgaming offer their tech to various different betting websites such as Ladbrokes and Bet365.

With the market slow to respond to this news, Funfair could be a good swing trading opportunity in the first half of 2018. Just be sure not to hold this position long term because I do not believe that Funfair will fail eventually. 


Syscoin are one of many projects that are aiming to build an eBay type Marketplace on the Blockchain. I personally believe that Syscoin will fail long term because there are stronger projects in this space, but I also believe that it could be a good short term swing trade.

By the end of January Syscoin plan to roll out their Blockchain based "Blockmarket" and by the end of February they aim to launch their Mainnet and Masternodes. Masternodes are historically very popular and often cause the price of cryptos to surge.

I believe that Syscoin could be a good short term trading opportunity. Just be sure to sell your position before the Masternode hype burns out.


One of the major things holding altcoins back from mainstream adoption is just how damn tough it is to buy them. Currently you have to exchange regular money for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin on Coinbase, then you have to send that crypto to an Exchange where you can use it to buy the altcoin you want. This is a big barrier to entry for many people because the fees to do this are quite high and exchanges can be difficult and complicated to use.

Vertcoin aims to address this problem by launching their very own Coinbase style website where people can buy Vertcoin with regular money directly through a website called Vertbase.  

Vertbase is scheduled to launch in late March. We have seen in the past how coins tend to surge in value when they get added to Coinbase and we could see a similar thing happen when Vertbase launches. 

It will be huge for Vertcoin when people can easily go to a website and buy it with "real" money.


Particl is another project aiming to build a decentralized Marketplace on the Blockchain. The Particl project plans to roll out an Alpha version of their Marketplace by late March so now could be the perfect time to look for an opportunity to invest. Right now it is a little expensive at approx 150,000 Satoshis, but this could be a good buy if we see the price pullback to somewhere around 90,000 Satoshis in the next few weeks.


Mysterium are a decentralized VPN platform built on the Blockchain. They aim to enable people all over the world to browse the internet in private. They plan to launch an Alpha version of their platform in late January. Now could be a good time to invest in Mysterium


Change is an ambitious project that aims to bring all Financial services under one roof. Built on the Blockchain they want to provide users with a platform where they can borrow money, gain access to banking services and invest in property, stocks / shares and commodities all in one place. They also want to enable users to buy insurance and obtain credit cards.

Over the next few months Change have some big milestones coming up including their mobile wallet and debit card launching early Q1 and a beta of their marketplace launching in late March. 

Change is a very ambitious project, but if it achieves its goals it will be huge. This could be a great time to invest.


Lisk could be one of the big winners of 2018 with several notable pieces of news already released...

In February they plan to rebrand their website, which will aim to make it easier for people to understand the core principles of the project.

Then in the second half of the year they plan to launch a decentralized exchange. If they can achieve this the value of Lisk could dramatically increase because the security, ethics and cost of using centralized exchanges is currently a frustration of almost everyone that owns Cryptocurrency. 

If Lisk can launch a decentralized exchange sometime this year they could end up being one of the big winners in 2018. The price of Lisk could quite literally go to the moon!


Stratis is another project that could have a huge 2018 if they deliver on their promises. So far they have several big milestones that they plan to deliver this year which include:

Launching their ICO platform in early Q1

Providing a Smart Contracts platform based on the .NET framework. This is huge because many of the large fortune 500 companies have all their systems and applications built on the .NET framework.

Stratis also plan to roll out their ID platform on iOS by the end of March which aims to compete with other ID verification based projects like Civic.

Again, if Stratis can deliver on these milestones, we could see the value of their token surge to new highs in 2018. Stratis could be one of the big winners this year.

Right now could be a great time to invest in this project. 


I recommend buying these Cryptos on Binance

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