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Coin : TenX Pay

Available on Bittrex

Buy in : You wanna buy it under 0.000138**

Targets : 0.000153**, 0.000160**  + + 

SET STOP LOSS BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY : 0.00013000 or 5-7% under your buy-in prize.

Either buy in now or wait for the confirmed breakout before you jump on it.

Technical Analysis: 

Currently the price action has formed a bullish flag, which is a reverse/Continuation pattern. in hindsight our target is the size of the pole but crypto hasn't been good lately so you should lock in profit as soon as you can. aim for around 5% to 12%. this shouldn't take more than 3 days. 

One the 1H chart the BB is squeezing and indicating a breakout soon, we're reaching very close to the resistance line in the flag formation so it IS looking like we're going to break up. unfortunately every altcoin is dependent on bitcoin, so if bitcoin can keep it's cool for a few days I don't see why we can't hit 12% profit or more. 

Fundamentals and News:

TenX got a whooooole lots of announcement and releases coming up, their nearest release is their exchange app for android that should be released by July/31. Platform launch and the IOS exchange app release is are aimed to be released by the end of october. The kind of news that will help boost their price.