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Make easy passive income swing trading crypto

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Hey guys Moosey Boy here. So many Crypto channels on Youtube are not worth your time. They will try to shill you useless coins, get you to buy their membership so they can make a quick buck or simply say ridiculous things like "Chainlink to $10k by the end of 2021" to get you hyped. 

However there is one Crypto Youtuber that I have stumbled across who is well worth listening to.

This is his channel (Jrny Crypto):

His main focus is on fundamental analysis, looking on CoinMarketCal to find what alt coins have important events coming up and buying the right ones before they pump.

The best thing about his channel is that he does a trading series where he has turned 10k into 100k and now he's started a new series turning 1k into 10k (pretty much the same thing) swing trading Crypto. Where he tells you what coins he's buying and in what quantity and all you need to do is follow along. Episode 3 of this new series comes out today. I've only been following his videos since the 4th March but I've already made about a 45% return following his advice. One could point out that we're in a bull market so it's hardly surprising. However one of the altcoins he recommended 'HBAR' literally doubled in price since I bought in. I would have never bought this coin without his recommendation. 

He also had pre-sales on his membership subscription where it was $1000 for one year, capped at 1000 members. He sold out in 12 hours. 

So yeah give him a listen. He has guides on his channel too, teaching you how to dollar cost average, protect your accounts, stake crypto.. All good stuff.

Probably don't need to say but I'm not affiliated with his channel or anything, I'm just a young twink looking to make some more money 😉  


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Will check it out, cheers for heads up Moose!

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Nice moose! gonna check him out. 

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checking it out for sure.

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Thanks Moose!

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Cheers for the tip moose, up almost 20% and only started following his picks about a week or two ago