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Full time sole income betters?  


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02/08/2020 9:17 pm  

Hey y’all, I am looking to become a full time MMA gambler (UFC/Bellator only, long time fight fan but short time gambler) and my goal here is to make 1 grand a week using my chosen investors picks. His system is a generic unit based system with one pic to make money and another back up pick in case the first guy loses, plus parlay options that he’s 70%+ over the past year.


I wanna know if there’s any other full time weekly betters on here that use this for sole income? I wanna pick their brain and figure out how much initial capital is needed and who to work with. I am currently using mybookie.AG and it is awful haha

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24/08/2020 9:24 am  

Yep, want to start full time betting too. Now I'm discovering US bookies. Reading reviews to filter scammers. Good luck to us man 😀