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MMA Betting Tips is free again from today  


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03/08/2016 11:59 pm  

Hey everybody,

Hope you're having a good day.

Due to the recent run of bad results I have decided to make this website free for everybody again. Your subscription has been cancelled, which means that you will not be charged a fee to access content anymore.

I never meant to let you guys down. Most of you would not believe it if I told you the time and sacrifices I had to make to keep this website up and running.

The community was at it's strongest when it was free and all I had to do every week was focus on researching fights and posting breakdowns. Back in those days we used to crush it every weekend.

I want to strip away all the BS and go back to basics. No more worrying about Subscriptions or Customer Service or waking up every Sunday morning to abusive emails. I want to go back to a unified community and winning money every weekend.

I'll still be giving out Tips, breakdowns and Props for every event and I'll still be giving out my Live Betting Tips for free in the Live Betting Tips Chatroom as often as I can.

The only thing that is going to change is that I am going to distance myself from the day to day running of the site. This means that I won't be around in the Chat Room or Forum as much as I used to be. I need to go back to betting like I used to bet. I need to be in complete isolation during my research so that I am not influenced by the pressure of having to manage the expectations of this community.

It's easy to make money when you have the freedom to bet with a clear mind, with no repercussions for placing bad bets. But it's not so easy to make money and bet with a clear mind when you have the weight of many people's expectations to carry on your shoulders.

I have absolutely no doubt that I will be bounce back. But I need to do it my way.

Thanks for all your support over the last few years. It really means a lot to me. This year has been very difficult, but I am determined to work hard until things get back on track.

Take care. If you need me you can email me here:

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04/08/2016 2:29 am  

Hi Allsopp, I support your decision its gonna take a lot of pressure off you. I enjoy your breakdowns whether I tail or not. Please leave a donate option on your page so we can at least leave you a gratuity tip when we have a good weekend.

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04/08/2016 4:50 am  

as always, love your work allsop

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04/08/2016 5:15 am  

Thanks Chris :1

Patience FTW

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04/08/2016 8:15 am  

Thank you

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04/08/2016 9:57 am  

Peaks and valleys man. Looking at your results graph from Oct 2014 to March 2015 there was a big loss of units and you came back to dominate again. Good move and best of luck!

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04/08/2016 3:56 pm  

You're the GOAT.

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04/08/2016 6:28 pm  

You're the man!

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04/08/2016 10:44 pm  

I' all also second a donation button so I can share when I win off a pick I get from you.

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05/08/2016 12:18 pm  

This is my first comment here.

First of all thanks for all of your work over the years Allsopp. You were one of the main people who got me into MMA betting.

I recently made my own service on cappertek (MMABankroll) free and haven't regretted it for a second. I found that I had (subconsciously) become more focused on getting customers than placing the best bets possible. Not good.

My policy is that if people want to thank me for my work they can donate a unit to charity. I'm currently looking into reputable head injury charities given the sport we bet on.

Betting is always peaks and valleys and USADA has changed the whole game.

You haven't let anyone down, my friend, far from it. You're one of the most honest and honourable guys around.

Keep up the good work, my man.