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Souza vs. Jandiroba masteredbyjazz breakdown

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Height: 5'5" (165cm) | Reach: 63.0" (160cm)


Negative attributes


-not technical striker

-poor takedown defense

-happy in guard

-taking the fight on short notice ?




Positive attributes


-BJJ bb

-hits hard

-decent top game

-good offensive wrestling

-good cardio

-good pace

-5 round experience





Height: 5'2" (157cm) | Reach: 64.0" (163cm)


Negative attributes


-gives up back

-no KO power


Positive attributes


-good cardio

-good pace

-good volume 

-good footwork and accuracy

-submission artist BJJ bb

-great judo

-excellent get ups escapes and scrambles

-high level bottom and top grappling positions

-decent takedown defense

-5 round experience




-Souza power advantage

-Souza potential submission advantage due to jandirobas judo throws that expose her back.

-jandiroba significant grappling advantage

-jandiroba slight striking advantage (because a flash KO is not very likely jandarobas volume/accuracy> souzas sloppy power strikes)

-jandiroba clinch advantage

-jandiroba preparation advantage (Souza fighting on short notice)


Implied odds 70/30 jandiroba

My odds 65/35 jandiroba


No bet

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