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UFC 195 and Cerrone vs RDA history

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Hi Allsopp,

I was just putting my history together on a spreadsheet. Was just wondering where you put the UFC 195 and FOX 17: Cerrone vs RDA full card picks?

I wasn't able to find them in the VIP section like the rest of the cards.

Thanks kindly

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Hi there,

Hope you're having a good day.

Around about the time of these events I was receiving a lot of complaints from people because they felt my picks were misleading...

People who were new to betting were signing up to become a VIP Members and placing bets on all my picks, which meant they had some big losses that weren't reflected in my official results. I had quite a few nasty emails off people that felt they were being mislead and because of that I decided to stop posting my picks.

Then when I stopped posting them, I got even more complaints because it turned out that a lot of people liked to see my picks for every fight... So I started posting them again.

For this reason you won't see my picks posted on the site for these two events because these events took place during the period of time where I decided not to post them.

I just checked my entries in the Toutmaster tournament and here were my picks for those two events:

UFC 195

Carlos Condit
Stipe Miocic
Albert Tumenov
Diego Brandao
Tony Sims
Michael McDonald
Kyle Noke
Nina Ansaroff
Drew Dober
Dustin Poirier
Joe Soto
Sheldon Westcott

UFC on FOX 17

Rafael Dos Anjos
Alistair Overeem
Nate Diaz
Randa Markos
Charles Oliveira
CB Dolloway
Sarah Kaufman
Josh Samman
Nik Lentz
Kamaru Usman
Vicente Luque
Luis Henrique

Hope this helps mate.

Let me know if you need anything else. :good:

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thanks a lot, contrary to your complaints - I love your all card picks. I find generally you do get over 6 or 7 of them right which is enough to generate a good revenue if you hedge odds appropriately.

Please do keep posting all your picks :D. :yahoo: