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UFC 207 Betting - Nunes vs Rousey  

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02/01/2017 10:51 pm  

+27 units here, mainly thank to Dillashaw decision 2.20, Nunes 2.30, Nunes rd 1 5.00 & TJ dec * DHK dec @8.25 :>
Im not surprised at all by Cody winning, but I expected either KO or close decision, not a humiliation.
I'm sad about Hendricks - I was quite sure he won.

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05/01/2017 12:25 am  

Re : Means's "NC Accidental Knee against a Grounded Opponent"

IMO Miragliotta (who already gets a ton of flak) made the right call.
Not Absolutely, but Relatively.
Because he made it a NC, first.

The discussion on "grounded opponent" has almost always hovered around the issue of having a hand on the mat.

Rogan's opinion was that the issue was about "3 points of contact or more."

On the spot, Miragliotta stated "anything but the soles of the feet."
That's the rule in Boxing, seems to me, and IMO it's quite adequate for MMA too. If that's not the Rule, then it SHOULD be.

I just checked the Rules :

"Grounded Opponent

Under the original rules, fighters could place a single finger tip in the ground to establish themselves as grounded, thereby avoiding legal kicks and knees to the head. Officials have long dubbed that "playing the game." It's no longer viable. Now, fighters must have both hands on the ground — either their palms or fists — to be considered grounded. As always, if a fighter's knee or any other part of the body except the hands and feet are touching the mat, then that fighter is also grounded."

Despite the rule, I agree with Miragliotta's call for a no contest.
If Joe and Goldie, and even Ratner don't know the Rule, what hope in hell does a fighter ?

Anyhow. I'm just happy Means didn't Lose by DQ, and he should be happy too.

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