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UFC Fight Night 118 Betting – Cerrone vs Till

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Hey there.

5dimes, pinnacle and few other bookies have released their odds for main event of UFC - Cerrone vs Till. Darren is an incredible fighter, but I don't trust his cardio and it's his 1st 5-rounder, which is also on quite short notice. I think he will be a big threat in 1st round, but then he should slow down. I managed to bet Cowboy at 1.68. I'm not sure if I still like him at current odds. What do you guys think?

Is any of you going to Poland to take part in the event?

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I put 0.75 units on Till. Hope its the right play.

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I like ramazan and wiekzorek .... Especially the second... The odds are amazing.

And the main event I just can see under 4.5 RDS... Can't bet either fighter.

Gl fellas !!

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I've put a small amount on Cerrone by Decision. I think Till is gonna play really safe and slow unless he rocks Cowboy, and Till might be too tough for Cowboy to get the finish (if it stays standing).
First time fighting outside of America for Cowboy, hopefully he brings it.
1u over2.5 Till/Cerrone (its set at 3.5, but ohmbet have option for 2.5)

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Emmett, Aspen, Alves, Lobov, Emeev, Stasiak, Wieczorek, Held, Piechota, Blachowicz, KK, Cerrone.