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18/03/2020 1:41 am  

Hi guys,

Hope you're having a good day.

We are now entering a 4 week break before the next UFC event.

In this time I am going to be producing videos for a new "Members Only" area of the website that will focus on Bankroll Management, Betting Psychology and Betting strategies.

Please leave any suggestions in this thread for videos you'd like me to produce over the next 4 weeks.

I'll try and do as many of them as possible.

Thanks a lot

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18/03/2020 5:44 pm  

Would love to have a breakdown for live betting, maybe a top 5/10 things to look for during a fight.

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19/03/2020 4:20 pm  


You read my mind. That was the exact same thing I was going to say. I do a lot of live betting on other sports, as I feel like I know what to look for. But I don’t do a lot of live betting on MMA. Even though it may seem obvious (damage, position, momentum, etc.), i’d love to hear your top five or so items that you look for when determining placing live bets on MMA. And how you determine value on live odds since the odds change significantly throughout bouts. 

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22/03/2020 5:30 pm  

I am sure a video is on the way....but a video on how to "Lose minimally" and have the down turns affect your bank roll as little as possible would be awesome ;).  i know it all ties into money management.

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22/03/2020 7:32 pm  

I would like to know how you keep yourself composure in loosing streaks. Also things about bankroll and MM.

Few weeks back I was in sauna, than come back and feel like I am relaxed so I should be betting but it was actually big mistake and I lost quite a lot cause I placed bets on shit I know nothing I probably can not bet when I am relaxed like this I have to keep my mind sharp...

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29/03/2020 12:08 am  

Top online sportsbooks for 1) pre-fight MMA betting (including moneyline and props) and 2) live betting MMA.   I guess would suggest listing availability in at least USA and UK while reviewing each book.  I know it's a simple topic but it does come up a lot and having a video to reference to would be nice.