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VIP Subscriptions coming back soon

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Hi everybody,

Hope you're having a good day.

You might have noticed that I haven't been posting much content over the last few months and I also haven't been doing live betting tips as often as I used to. You'll also probably have noticed that the betting tips have been getting posted much later than they used to. This is because I've had to work on a few different projects to keep the money coming in.

Now that we're on a 6 month winning streak I want to go back to focusing 100% on betting MMA and also 100% on making this website the best it can be.

This means that pretty soon I am going to reintroduce the subscriptions for the VIP subscriptions. This will enable me to focus more time here and less time on other projects.

The new pricing will be something like this:

$19.99 a month for the regular betting tips.
$39.99 a month for the regular betting tips and access to all the live betting tips.

I feel like these prices are very fair when you take into consideration the money you can make and it's also miles cheaper than most other handicapping services. If you are not making at least $39.99 a month from the live betting tips then I don't know what to say... Live betting is like printing money, we hardly ever lose...

I will also be making the commitment to do live betting tips for every single event once the subscriptions are back up and running.

I hope you guys understand. It costs quite a lot of money to keep this website running each month and it's tough to be at my best when I sometimes have to focus my time on other things.

Let me know what you think. :good: :good: :good:

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keen as fuck!

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Good work deserves to be paid, definitely :good:

Thank you for having us on for free during the time it has been :rose:

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Shiet.... Dana please give me 50gz

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About time mate,
this website provides so much value!

Very happy to read that you want to be 100% focused to improving this service. That´s your purpose right there 🙂

Thank you for staying with it through the tough times
#2017 #$$$ #AllsoppGOAT

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This is a fair price and you definitely deserves it!

At the moment I'm with a fairly low bankroll, but I'll try to raise my unit size to keep betting with you guys.

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Fair prices! Respect for that. I've quit "live betting" for a while now. The timezone difference is killing me. So I'm not sure if I'll be active enough to justify a $40 subscription i wont use :unsure:

But either way. I wish you all the best with your business!

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Thanks for supporting us all this time, Allsopp. I think we've all learnt valuable lessons from the first half of 2016 and it'll help us win even more :). I like the new price point for the subscriptions as well - this would be the marginal cut off for myself personally.

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Hi guys, this seems to be a good offer. If we get a full-time Allsopp with new features like podcast, because writing and reading is boring, than 20$ or 40$ is fine. Mostly, the first half of 2016 losing streak is over. Everyone is used to fight under USADA.

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Good to hear.
Thanks for the support in the mean time.

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Has anyone found any betting sites that have live MMA betting for people in the USA? I use for my mma betting but they do not offer live betting for MMA. I will be in for the $20.00 a month but would love to do the $40.00 with the live betting tips if i had a site i can bet on.

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Been wondering when this would come back into play. I agree you do deserve to be paid for your time and effort and they prices are certainly not unreasonable. I feared being priced out when VIP came back and my heart sank when I seen the thread but that's a relief.

I've had my own commitments which means that I haven't been able to stay up for alot of the Live Betting so I will have some thinking to do over my options here. I haven't been on the forums or chat all that much recently but I still come on and get the pre fight tips and read a bit and know that I hope you are all well and I am only a message away.

Thanks for all the time and effort and good times over the years my man Allsopp and here's to many more.

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I need to cancel my subscription due to my financial circumstance but will reapply for my subscription in the near future; when trying to cancel it right now its comming up with an error dialog box.

Could this be looked at?


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I think this is a great chance for us to give input to allsopps time if we are to paying into membership again. We are all in to win right? Not to have allsopps spend 10 hours a week running a YouTube channel.

I would value in order

A. Reliably timed and accurate fight and odds research
B. Presence during live betting
C. Site improvement, chat room etc.
D. Other peripherals like occasional discussion posts, podcasts.

I've been around since 2015 and started through with the first half bisping Pettis BS and was still able to turn it around to the improved research and betting strategy Allsopps been improving since then. Full trust in allsopp when his time is fully dedicated to tipping and not administration duties. :yahoo: