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Yana vs. Ladd masteredbyjazz breakdown

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Height: 5'8" (173cm) | Reach: 68.5" (174cm)


Negative attributes


-poor striking defense

-doesn’t fight long

-weak top game

-no power


Positive attributes


-pressure fighter

-decent offensive wrestling

-volume striker

-good cardio

-strong clinch (base in muni Thai)



Height: 5'6" (168cm) | Reach: 66.0" (168cm)


Negative attributes


-poor striking defense

-slightly poor offensive wrestling

-basic striking/boxing


Positive attributes


-good clinch takedowns

-slight power in her hands

-heavy top game

-good cardio

-good chin




-Yana has a clinch advantage

-Aspen has a slight power advantage

-Aspen has a slight grappling advantage

-Aspen outputs more volume


Implied odds Lad 60% Yana 40%

My odds Lad 60% Yana 40%


No bet

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How was she going to handle the weight cut? Should she still be fighting at 135 pounds? How will she handle her first career loss? Was she overrated before her last fight? Can she beat Yana Kunitskaya? All of these were questions that people had about Aspen Ladd heading into this this, some of which I was wondering about as well, and Ladd handled every single question flawlessly.

First, she successfully weighed in on Friday. And when I say successfully, I mean not only did she make the weight but she appeared as comfortable as you could possibly hope for someone who has just cut weight.

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