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How to make the most of an university study?

1. Try to use each opportunity to acquire really useful skills that will come in handy in your future work.

Try already in junior courses to look for opportunities for internships and participation in work in the specialty. Attending lectures and workshops is a prerequisite on the path to success. Different career events help you to build social and professional connections, develop the self-discipline that is useful to your future life. Here you will gain new knowledge and meet new people, with whom you may be working in the future.

Additional: https://studydaddy.com/attachment/148950/mine management.doc

2. Mindfulness is a student's best friend!

If you do not follow this rule, you will not see success. The modern world is complex, changeable, and unpredictable. We often find it difficult to cope with stress and multitasking, to find time to listen to ourselves and others, to come to a state of balance.

Mindfulness skills allow a modern student to develop the quality of being in the moment, being more conscious, give greater stability and confidence, and develop the ability to manage their state. Mindfulness will come in handy anytime, anywhere: both during education and in everyday life, for example, in communication with other students.

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3. Be friendly and outgoing.

Outgoing people always cause sympathy and adapt more easily to a new environment. It is kindness and sociability that will help you not only find your social circle but also make useful acquaintances. Mutual assistance is always held in high esteem among students. Today you helped, and tomorrow you will be helped in return.

4. You have to be persistent.

The goals that you set for yourself need to be achieved. Even if something does not work out for you, do not despair. Keep working on yourself and you will be successful. If, for example, you did not understand something during the lecture, then do not hesitate to ask again or come for additional advice.

More: https://studydaddy.com/attachment/99362/homework+week+3+psy+380.docx


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