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betting guide for noobs

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Hey guys congrats on the profits from last night, and although we didn't deserve to take the L from Yan, Yan definitely deserved to lose his title due to his and his corner's stupidity.

Anyway, in the live chat people were talking about bankroll management, Chris said he bets 5% per unit, is that only for live betting? On the "official bets" page, it suggests 1% per unit. What's the consensus here, do most people do the same thing? Is there a definitive guide for noobs? Let's say I start with 1000, how do I go about betting? Thanks!!

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Hey Kirby,

Hope you're having a good day mate.

This is quite a complex topic, which is why I don't like to produce content on it. Betting strategies should be tailored to specific types of bet, win rate and you also have to take your goals, mentality, temperament and gambling experience into account.

DM me through the website when you have some free time and I'll be able to give you some advice. 

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