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Boxing Bets 21/08/2021

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Hey guys back with some boxing bets. Been a bit of an unlucky run recently. Jazza Dickens not coming out for the 12th round was real stinger but it is what it is.

This week its important to tail both bets imo as they work in conjunction.

1 UNIT Ugas Outright at 3.75 and 1 UNIT Pacquiao by Decision at 2.20


The reason for both of these bets is that it kind of guarantees a profit either way. One bet will lose. I feel Ugas is way too big of an underdog here and can win this depending on how many injections Manny has taken ( If you know what I mean). At welterweight Manny has only stopped 2 people and is not a big puncher at the weight. His latest stoppage happened in Malaysia where Manny defied biology and looked brand new. Ugas has never been stopped in any of his defeats and I don’t believe he has ever been dropped. He is Cuban. I am also cautious that Manny is the A side and a robbery could happen, hence we are covered in that circumstance

Simply if we get the Manny who fought Horn then Ugas will win. If we get the Manny who fought Thurman then its questionable. Both have great cardio and it should be a great fight for Live betting as well on Sky Sports Main Event. Hopefully just after the UFC.

The difference between both Pacquaio’s is mad  

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Cheers Paul nice breakdown I’ll be tailing 🤙👊

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