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Boxing Bets 25/09/2021

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Another good night of bets last time round with 1 win, 1 loss, 1 No Contest. Making a solid profit for the night even if the No Contest was classed as a loss on some bookies.

Anyway we are onto the best season of boxing starting this weekend. Many World class competitive fights coming up in the next few months.

Bet: 1 UNIT USYK Outright at 3.20

This bet is very much a no brainer. The casual fans in boxing do a great job moving the odds. In my opinion it is very hard to pick a winner here. It will be a fight of two halves. AJ in the first half and Usyk in the second half of the fight. Usyk is one of the best boxers I have seen in my life. Techincally only his best friend Loma I have over him. His performance against Bellew was fantastic. His performance against Gassiev was even better.

Usyk has not looked as good at heavyweight but I do believe that is for a reason. If Usyk performed like he did against Bellew and Gassiev then he might have scared AJs team away as they could have easily vacated the WBO belt and avoided the fight. In fact that nearly happened. Even in first gear in his 2 heavyweight bouts Usyk had 2 clear wins against Witherspoon and game Chisora who is top 10 heavyweight.

Usyk struggled to inflict his force on Chisora but many struggle to do so anyway as you have to knock Chisora out to stop him coming forward.

AJ has been poor in his in his last 3 fights. He was dominated against Ruiz in the first fight

In the second fight Ruiz essentially let him win by coming in terrible shape

He then fought Pulev. Now if you are hardcore boxing fan you know that Pulev is very overrated and at this point he was extremely old. AJ knocked him out but he looked stiff and timid at times. It was not the AJ of old.

The AJ of old needs to come out this Saturday to win. If he doesn’t, he will struggle a lot. He has to get on Usyk very quickly and take him out. Frankly I don’t know who will win this fight. If I had a gun to my head I say AJ. But at 3.20 Usyk there is clear value. I will be at the stadium missing the UFC but if you are at home I would recommend live betting it. Its 1 hour before the UFC. A strategy of Usyk late will help out a lot as AJ does slow down.

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Thanks Paul! Tailing. 

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