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Boxing Betting Tips 17/04/2021

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Hey guys we have a few great weeks of boxing coming up and this weekend is the first of many bets I will hopefully identify. 

0.5 UNITS Liam Williams at 3.60+

Now usually its hard to tip big underdogs like Williams and there is a good chance this can lose. However I am 100% confident there is value. The odds may improve as well just before fight night depending in what country you are in. Demitrus Andrade imo is one of the most overrated fighters I have seen in a longtime. He has beaten very low level opposition and looked poor in some of those recent fights. The America media is so high on him and I just have not seen it in the ring from him.

Liam Williams has been flying in his last few fights and showed tremendous improvements. He has a come forward style and I believe this can be an issue for Andrade. Andrade imo is overlooking Williams. He thinks its another one of these low level fighters he will be facing and he will beat him with ease.They have 1 mutual opponent and you can compare the fights here. Williams destroyed Alantez Fox whilst Andrade got dropped (it was more of a slip) and coasted to a victory. Unfortunately this fight is in the US and Andrade is the home fighter so there could be a robbery. I would have Andrade as the  favorite but these odds are too far wide and worth a half a unit. 





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On it! Thanks Paul

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on it paul, nice write up