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We are back. I have not done any tips for a while because I have been busy but I feel I found a solid bet for this weekend and will be more active again 

1 UNIT Lomachenko via Decision 2.10

Loma is coming off the Lopez defeat in a fight where he didn't get going until it was too late. This is not an easy fight for Loma but a fight he should win. I like this bet for many reasons.

Firstly Nakatani went 12 rounds with Lopez who is a far bigger puncher then Loma and took some big shots in the fight

Secondly Nakatani has never been stopped or dropped. He is also Japanese and they have very good chins.

Thirdly Nakatani has a huge size and reach advantage. This will make it a lot harder for Loma to stop him 

Lastly Loma does not really stop people but he makes fighters quit. Check his record here (Apart from Crolla who was sent into the shadow realm but was past it at that point)


Why this bet might lose?

1. Loma may want to make a statement after the Lopez defeat 

2. Loma might be finished after his shoulder surgery just after the Lopez defeat.

This bet can easily lose and its close to even money. But I do think there is a 60% chance that Loma wins this via decision. Bet at your own risk. Cheers. 


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