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dwcs week 6

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hey guys i believe i found a good bet this week in carlos hernandes at odds of 2.00 i went 2 units for the reasons i'll give. i lean carlos about 60% he has good strike selection and reads his opponents well for striking openings, he shifts well from stance to stance and usues lateral movement well to stay safe. He has good cardio and can fight at a high pace for 3 rounds. There is not too much footage of his td defence but he is great at scrambling back to his feet and breaking his opponents grips as soon as his butt touches the floor. he will also level change and shoot in on his opponents hips given the opportunity. if he gets his opponents down he will stay very tight to them but does not land many shots. he got caught by counters a couple times when blitzing in but for the most part his striking defence is decent. he also has had 14 amature fights giving him more experience than at first glance. i believe his fight iq is also up to scratch. in his last fight up 2 rds he took his opponent down and just stayed tight to them to run down the clock to get the win. he has subs on his record but i could not find footage of those old fights.


his opponent barez is the same height and has the same reach of carlos but is a few years older at 32 which at flyweight is about at their prime. who is also a striker but to be frank just does not look as good on the feet. he seems slower to react and also struggles to fight on the outside and close distance and seems to fire off more kicks at the range. he does seem to have some power but nothing insane. he is also weak off his back and wastes time looking for subs in full guard. He does not look comfortable on the backfoot and his striking defence is not the best often leaving his hands down or extended during exchanges. If he is losing the striking exchanges he will look to take you down but as i said i believe carlos's ability to read his opponent and scramble to his feet should keep him safe enough. The second video of barez is old but at 32 he won't be making the gains of a younger fighter at flyweight and his other fights consisted of his opponents gassing and falling on their backs with no ground game. let me know what you think






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Cheers Frozen I'm tailing 👊

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Frozen!!! you da man! so glad we were on the good side of a split.  Barez definitely had improved since he fought last 

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Great job, Frozen!  Well played. Thanks for the tip.