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Lightwave logic stock

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Hey guys,

here's in short why this might be a great potential long term stock:

Lightwave logic (LWLG) is making tech to replace the glassfiber internet network. It is getting oversaturated and can't keep up with increasing internet usage so something better will be needed sooner or later. As I understand it lwlg have 55 patents already one of which states that if their type of tech is to be used then only they are allowed to provide it. So in my view either something different will be used and the stock becomes worthless or it will be the new standard and stock price increases exponentially.

Please note I am not a financial adviser nor an expert of any sorts, do your own research and keep in mind english is not my first (nor second) language so I might not even have been able to explain as I should have.

Cheers guys. 

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nice insight taz