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[Closed] UFC Topps Round 2 Trading thread

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Hey guys,

Hope you're having a good day.

This is the trading thread for the UFC Round 2 box break.

Please use this thread to trade any cards with each other that you received in packs during this box break. 

Trading will be open until midnight on Wednesday 11th of August. I will then close this thread and ship out your cards on Friday. 

Please could any people involved in trades clearly state when the trade is concluded. Could you also please both post to say that you agree with the trade.

I will then swap around whatever cards you received in the pack opening and send them out. 

Thanks a lot

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Rolandito...let me know if you are interested in moving that sonnen RC

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Hey Allsopp.  LostMyPants is gonna trade me his TJ Grant Rookie for something interesting in the next pack I get in a break.  I think he wants you to hold onto it until the next break and then send it with whatever cards come my way.



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Can confirm. Also sent you messages in the chat Chris, didn't know if you read them or not. Would really appreciate it if you could hold my pack for me until the next break.