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Hi, my name is Chris and I own a successful and growing internet marketing agency. We are able to help your site make more sales faster through our proven marketing strategies. I know you probably recive a lot of emails like this but we are different from the rest and I am willing to prove it.

Here are a few reasons we are not your normal SEO agency.

1) Our SEO and digital marketing programs generally start around $1,500/month. This provides us the necessary resources to do the job right and confidently predict a successful campaign.

2) We are only interested in long term partner ships that will help both our companies.

3) We do not operate like the rest of the SEO agencies, we will not say anything to get your money. We are realistic about ranking time frames and honest with our customers.

4) We have the results and proven track record to show you we can do the job right.

Let me know what time works for you to speak and the best phone number to call you on and I will be happy to call you. I will be happy to take a look at what we can do for you and how we can be of service.

Looking forward to speaking with you.

Chris Rodgersen

If you are not interested in receiving my tips of how to increase traffic and sales to your site then just let me know by replying to this email with remove in the subject line. I will be sad to see you go but I do not wish to ever bother you.

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