Fantasy MMA Picks for UFC 191 – Dodson vs Johnson

My Fantasy MMA guide for UFC 191 features a wide range of fighters that you can use to boost your chances of winning big in a Fantasy MMA tournament at DraftKings or Kountermove.

In Fantasy MMA it’s really important that you select a good range of fighters that give you the best chance of scoring a high number of points. In order to do this, you’ll need to select fighters at various prices in order to stay under the salary cap. This article includes fighters at various different price points, to ensure that you’ll be able to use a good number of these picks to help you build a solid team.

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My best Fantasy MMA pick for UFC 191 is Anthony Johnson. His price tag may be high, but there’s a very good chance that he’ll score you big points by winning this fight by knockout. Manuwa is a good fighter, but Johnson is a huge step up in competition for him. Anthony Johnson is faster, more powerful and he moves so good for a Light Heavyweight.


Paul Felder is another solid Fantasy MMA pick that you should seriously consider putting in your team. His price tag may be high, but I do feel that he’s worth it. Felder is fighting Ross Pearson and I believe that Felder is better everywhere. Felder lost to Edson Barboza in his last fight, but Pearson is a big step down from Barboza. I believe that Felder will go into this fight hungry and looking to finish Pearson and make the statement that he is still a legit prospect in the Lightweight division. I believe Felder will score a high number of points by winning this fight in dominant fashion or most likely by knockout or TKO.




Francisco Rivera fights John Lineker at UFC 191. This is will be Lineker’s first fight back at 135 pounds. He will no longer have the size and power advantage that he had at Flyweight. In this case I believe Rivera is the more technical and powerful striker. I believe that Rivera has what it takes to end this fight by knockout or TKO or at the very worst win a 30-27 unanimous decision. His low to medium price tag makes him a good value pick for your Fantasy MMA Team.


Andrei Arlovski is another solid Fantasy MMA pick for UFC 191. I believe he will score big points by winning this fight by knockout or TKO in the 1st round. Frank Mir struggles against opponents that pressure him and his weak chin puts him at constant risk of being knocked out. I feel very confident that Arlovski will win this fight.




John Dodson lost the first time he fought Demetrious Johnson, but it was easily Johnson’s toughest fight in the UFC. Dodson actually dropped Johnson twice in that fight. Johnson normally has a big speed advantage over his opponents, but that will not be the case when he fights John Dodson. I believe that Dodson will last all 5 rounds and make this a tough fight for Demetrious. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Dodson score a decent number of points by using his power to knock Johnson down. I believe Dodson is a decent pick for your Fantasy MMA team because he comes with a low price tag and he’s got a good chance of scoring you a high number of points.




Alex Chambers is nearly 37 years old and she has looked very bad in both of her fights in the UFC. She also doesn’t have the cardio to stay competitive with VanZant for 3 rounds. VanZant’s relentless pace will be too much for Alex Chambers to handle. I see Alex spending most of the fight on her back getting punched the face. Chambers is going to get overwhelmed here and I don’t see her scoring many points at all. Avoid picking her.

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  1. Well if this was easy we’d all quit our day jobs- I not so funny thing is Chambers submitted a common foe much sooner than miss V. If it sounds like I’m defending her I guess I am she was the last one left for the $. Miss V is a hammerhead but Chambers has submitted most of her wins and an aggressive Miss V could walk right into an armbar or a choke? Well who’s kidding who here woman or I should say most women aren’t good picks anyway Very low point value- except for Rhonda.- Hey if you could do me a huge favor and hit me back I would like to ask you an Industry question?


    1. I was thinking the same thing originally. I kept seeing PVZ in top position vs Herrig repeatedly leaving herself open for submissions. I think if Herrig couldn’t sub her, Chambers will not. I think PVZ’s pace will be too much. It is MMA and anything can happen, that’s why we love the sport!!

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