Fantasy MMA Picks for UFC Fight Night 75

My Fantasy MMA guide for UFC Fight Night 75 features a wide range of fighters that you can use to boost your chances of winning big money in a Fantasy MMA tournament at DraftKings or Kountermove.

In Fantasy MMA it’s really important that you select a good range of fighters that give you the best chance of scoring a high number of points. In order to do this, you’ll need to select fighters at various prices in order to stay under the salary cap. This article includes fighters at various different price points, to ensure that you’ll be able to use a good number of these picks to help you build a solid team.

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My best Fantasy MMA pick for UFC Fight Night 75 is Diego Brandao. I think Diego is a great pick because he doesn’t cost much and I believe he’ll score big points by winning this fight in the 1st round. Katsunori Kikuno has not impressed me in any of his UFC fights and he’s been violently KO’d in 2 out of his last 3 fights. Diego is a very aggressive fighter and Kikuno doesn’t like to be pressured. I see Diego winning this fight by knockout or TKO.


Josh Barnett is another solid Fantasy MMA pick that you should seriously consider putting in your team. I always like having a main event fighter on my team because main events are 5 rounds, which means fighters have more opportunities to score points. It’s no secret that Roy Nelson will be looking to knock Barnett out with his big overhand right. That is really the ONLY way I can see Roy winning. I think Barnett stays away from that big right, clinches with Roy and eventually tires him and takes him down. On the ground I can see Josh using his catch wrestling credentials to submit Nelson via some sort of leg lock/heel hook. Both fighters are getting up there in age. But I believe Josh has more in the tank and will win the fight eventually.




I’m not sure if George Roop will win this fight, but I do believe that if he wins it will be by knockout or TKO. You usually need to pick an underdog with a very low price tag to balance out your team. I believe Roop is the best underdog pick for your Fantasy MMA team because of his price and the possibility of winning by stoppage. Roop’s reach advantage, power and aggressive style of fighting poses a significant threat to Mizugaki.




Nick Hein comes with a high price tag, which means he has to win this fight inside the distance to justify the high cost. I’m not completely convinced that Nick Hein will even win this fight because he has a very tentative style of fighting. He really is not very aggressive at all and he never seems to want to finish his opponents. Nick Hein seems more than content in fighting for a decision. So, best case scenario, you are paying a high price tag that at best wins a boring decision. That equals low points for a high price tag. I suggest you avoid putting Nick Hein in your fantasy MMA team.


Naoyuki Kotani has had 4 fights in the UFC and looked very bad in all of them. I don’t think Kajan Johnson is a world beater, but he is definitely the better fighter of the 2. I think Johnson will eventually finish Kotani inside the distance. That means Kotani will not score you many points. I recommend staying away from picking Kotani.

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