We release several fantasy MMA picks for every UFC event that you can use to win big money playing Fantasy MMA at DraftKings and Kountermove.

We are unable to pick a specific Fantasy MMA team for you to use, because Fantasy MMA prize money is shared out amongst all winners in the event of a tie. This means that you need to have a unique team in order to win the big money. If we gave out a specific team, it would be counter productive because everyone using that team would have to share the prize money. As a result, we give you a range of top picks for every UFC event, that you can then use to create your own high scoring Fantasy MMA Team.

Each of our picks are split into 4 categories and you’ll need to pick a combination of fighters from each category to build a well rounded team within the Fantasy MMA Tournament budget…



1. Best Fantasy MMA Picks

You should try to put as many of these picks into your Fantasy MMA team as possible. The fighters that fit into this category have the best chance of winning inside the distance and scoring big points.

2. Best Value Fantasy MMA Picks

Our best value Fantasy MMA picks may not always score big points by winning inside the distance, but they usually score a decent number of points by cruising to a unanimous decision victory. They always cost less than my best picks and they’re a good way to fill up a fantasy MMA team with fighters who have a good chance of scoring a good amount of points.

4. Dangerous Dogs

My “Dangerous Dogs” category consists of fighters who have the potential to score a high number of points without costing that much. They are high risk, high reward picks, that have an outside chance of winning inside the distance. These picks are useful for separating you from other players and firing you to the top of the Fantasy MMA tournament ladders. Dangerous Dogs will help you rise above the competition, because not many people will pick these fighters in their teams. These picks are useful for filling up the final spot of your Fantasy MMA team when you don’t have that much money to spend. My Dangerous Dogs don’t normally have a very good chance of winning their fight, but if they do end up pulling off the win, there’s a very good chance that you will score big…

3. Fighters To Avoid

Sometimes you will pick 4 strong fighters in your Fantasy MMA team and you’ll need to fill up the final spot with a low cost fighter who only has a slight chance of winning. Our “Fighters to avoid” category aims to protect you from filling up the final spot of your Fantasy MMA team with a fighter who will not score that many points.

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  1. I got a stupid question maybe- If you play multiple cards per event if you win a paying spot are you then paid for each additional entry? Assuming they are the same- i.e. I had an MMA contest card that scored 522 1st place I played that same card 3 times in the same contest. If first place prize was 100.00 would I then win 300.00?

    1. Hey Hunter,

      Hope you’re having a good day.

      You are absolutely right. Every entry is treated individually, so you could enter the same team multiple times and scoop multiple prizes.

      I know a lot of people that enter multiple teams in the high paying tournaments, but they switch their teams up and include different combinations of fighters to maximise their chances of hitting big.

      It’s not really that cost effective to implement this strategy in Kountermove because the payouts aren’t that high, but it could work great at DraftKings where the prize money is a lot higher.

      Hope this makes sense mate, let me know if you have anymore questions.

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