Football Betting Tips

Allsopp’s Football Betting Tips combine over 30 years of experience watching football, with the set of skills he has used to make money betting on MMA for over a decade.

These Football Betting Tips are sent via push alerts directly to your mobile device, so that you can be notified within seconds of Allsopp placing a bet.

Allsopp’s Football Betting Tips are all Live / In-Play Bets, so it’s important to place them as fast as you can. Things change fast in Football and every second counts!

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death.
I assure you, it’s much more serious than that”

Bill Shankly

This video should answer any questions you have…

Please watch this video before signing up for Allsopp’s Football Betting Tips. The video will explain exactly what you can expect from this service.

In this video Allsopp covers a wide range of topics including which betting markets he focuses on, the number of bets you can expect to receive each month, what leagues he will be betting and much, much more.

Football Bets

Allsopp has been working hard to become profitable betting on football. His performance can be tracked on this chart. Remember that past performance does not guarantee future results.

Since starting his journey of betting football he has followed the same blueprint that enabled him to become profitable betting MMA. Each month he reviews performance and tweaks his strategies to do more of what is working well and less of what is not working well. This process of extreme experimentation will hopefully enable him to continue to improve to the point where Football will generate consistent profits.

Allsopp shares all of his bets on Football via a Telegram Channel. This enables you to receive push notifications to your mobile phone as soon as Allsopp identifies a new bet. The majority of his bets are Live / In-Play Bets, so the notifications enable you place the bet as quickly as possible. Every second counts in Live / In-Play Betting.

If you are considering signing up for Allsopp’s Football bets please remember that he is still in the experimentation and learning stage. At this early stage, results are likely to be unpredictable and volatile.