Free Betting Picks & Predictions for Bellator 142

This weekend is shaping up to be a huge weekend of MMA with Bellator, RFA, WSOF and Titan FC all holding major events. I am still researching some of these events, but I should end up having betting picks for all of them.

After a lack lustre couple of weeks, I’m happy to say that this actually looks like a great weekend for MMA betting and I’m confident that we can earn a decent profit from our bets. I’ve spent a lot of time watching footage on all of the fighters competing this weekend and I believe I’ve identified a good number of rock solid opportunities to make some easy money.

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Make sure you lock in your bet on Phil Davis to win as soon as possible because I expect the odds on him to crash the closer we get to fight night. Right now you can bet him at around 1.30 | -333, but I think he’ll end up far closer to 1.20 | -500 by the time of his fight.

Whenever I analyze a fight, I try to work out all the different ways in which each fighter could win and then I measure the probability of each outcome against the odds available on both fighters. After researching the fight between Emanuel Newton and Phil Davis I have come to the conclusion that Newton has almost no chance of winning and for that reason, I think Davis is a really solid bet. I understand that the odds on him are a little short, but Newton has almost no path to victory and a bet on Davis currently gives us around a 30% return on our money.

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I’ve already made 42.26 units of profit in 2015.

This means that betting just $10 a unit on each of my betting tips in 2015 would have resulted in a profit of $422 Betting $100 per unit would have resulted in a profit of $4226 and betting $1000 per unit would have resulted in a profit of $42,260.

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There aren’t many top guys in the Light Heavyweight landscape who I believe Phil Davis could I outstrike, but I do believe he’ll be able to outstrike Emanuel Newton. Davis might not have the best offensive striking, but he makes up for it with excellent defence and I believe his speed, footwork and range will cause Newton significant problems in the stand up exchanges. Newton is simply too slow, too small and too predictable to land anything significant on Phil Davis. I don’t believe Davis has the power to win this fight by knockout or TKO, but he certainly has the technical ability to easily outstrike Newton for the entire duration of this fight.

Phil’s strength is obviously his wrestling and I don’t see how Newton is going to be able to stop Davis from securing a full body lock and dragging him to the ground. Once Phil gets Newton to the ground, I don’t see any way in which Newton will be able to work back to his feet. Phil should easily be able to take Newton down and keep him there.

Emanuel Newton found himself in some really bad positions on the ground in his last two fights against Liam McGeary and Linton Vassell. Both guys had deep submissions on Newton, but they both lacked the technique and conviction to finish the moves. Phil Davis is a high level grappler with dangerous submissions and if Newton leaves his neck and arms exposed like he did against McGeary and Vassell, I have no doubt that Davis will lock something up and catch Newton in a submission.

Phil Davis is a big money signing for Bellator and I believe they’ve matched him up with Newton because they’ve also identified that Newton is an easy stylistic opponent for him. I expect Phil Davis to easily get this fight to the ground and pickup and easy win by dominating Newton with his strong grappling.

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MY BETTING TIP: 5 Units [5% of your bankroll] on Phil Davis to win at odds of 1.31 | -318 | 31/100

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