Free Betting Tips, Picks & Predictions for UFC 193 – Rousey vs Holm

We’ve made a profit on the last 11 consecutive MMA events and I feel really confident that we can keep this run going by making even more money on UFC 193. We’ve gone 22-3 on bets since September the 1st and I feel confident that we can add to this incredible set of results by going 4-0 on this event. UFC 193 is a great event for betting and another great opportunity for us to take another step towards reaching our target of 100 units of profit in 2015.

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Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm Betting Tip Prediction

Ronda Rousey is a superior athlete to every other woman in the UFC’s Bantamweight division, but I believe that her ability to fight to her full potential under extreme circumstances is one of her most dangerous weapons. I also believe that the way she rushes her opponent’s from the opening second of a fight, is one of the reasons why she has been so successful up until this point.

Ronda is extremely dangerous because she is able to make calculated decisions in the middle of chaotic situations. You only have to look at how she reacted to being dropped on her head by Cat Zingano to see that her instincts are on a level that you simply cannot prepare for. Most athletes need time to adjust to their surroundings and feel comfortable in a contest, but there is no feeling out process with Ronda. You literally have 10 seconds from the start of a fight to get comfortable, before she is in your face. This is what makes Ronda such a difficult opponent to deal with. People can say that they have trained hard and that they are prepared for her, but the reality is that it’s impossible to train for that kind of opponent because it’s impossible to recreate the atmosphere in which the fight will take place.

Imagine how you would feel if you had to fight Ronda Rousey in front of 70,000 people on Saturday night at the biggest event in UFC history. Imagine how you would feel making the walk to the Octagon and seeing thousands of people staring back at you. Imagine looking ahead and seeing the big, red flashing light of the TV Cameras pointing in your face. Imagine how you would feel hugging your coaches and getting checked over by the officials before stepping into the Octagon. Try to imagine how difficult it would be to catch your breath, how sickening the butterflies in your stomach would feel and how every inch of your body was being overcome with nerves.

Now imagine what it would feel like stepping into the Octagon under those bright lights. If you’ve ever been to a UFC event live, you’ll know that the arena itself is very dark, whilst the lighting that is focused on the Octagon is very bright. When you step into the Octagon, you are put under a big spotlight and a big microscope. Imagine how you would feel standing there all alone. How would you deal with that pressure? How would you control your breathing? How would you surpress the nerves? Now imagine the lights going out and imagine how you would feel as Ronda’s walkout song started playing. How would you feel as Ronda marched to the Octagon with a look of war in her eyes. How would you feel standing there knowing the kind of violent chaos that she was about to bring to the table?

The truth is, most people would crumble under that kind of pressure and that’s why 11 of Ronda’s previous 12 opponent’s have lost in the 1st round. The one common denominator between the greatest athletes in the history of sports is that they all agree on having to have a strong mentality to make it as a Champion. The cold, harsh reality of life is that most people aren’t strong enough mentally to be a Champion and the Octagon is the ultimate proving ground.

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Holly Holm previously spoke about her extreme anxiety and nerves ahead of her UFC debut against Raquel Pennington back in February. Her nerves led to an awkward and tentative performance which saw her barely scrape by with a split decision win. I find it hard to believe that a fighter who struggled so bad with nerves against Raquel Pennington just 9 months ago will now be able to perform to her full potential against Ronda Rousey in front of 70,000 people in the biggest UFC event of all time.

Ronda Rousey is 12-0 as a pro MMA fighter. Out of the 12 opponents she has faced, only one of them was able to make it out of the first round. Ronda’s last 4 fights lasted a combined total of 2 minutes and 10 seconds and 9 out of her 12 career fights have ended in less than 1 minute.

The odds on Ronda Rousey to win this fight are very bad, but I believe there’s a good amount of value in betting on this fight to last less than 1.5 rounds. 1.5 rounds is the equivalent of 7.5 minutes in the Octagon and 7.5 minutes is an eternity to be locked inside a cage with Ronda Rousey.

When you study how both these girls match up, you will also see that their styles aren’t geared towards this fight lasting very long…

In order for Ronda Rousey to win this fight, she needs to stay on the outside of Holly Holm’s kicking range, or stay all the way on the inside where it will be too close for Holly to land kicks. When Ronda is inside Holm’s range, I expect her to instinctively try to tie Holm up and take her down. Ronda can’t stay in the middle range, because the middle range is where Holly can land her powerful kicks. Holly Holm has good footwork and knockout power in her kicks, but I don’t believe she has the power in her hands to control the distance or back Ronda up. It’s very hard to control the distance with kicks, because you can’t throw them frequently enough or fast enough to back your opponent up.

I expect Ronda to rush Holm, close the distance, tie her up and drag her to the ground. From there I predict that Ronda will lock in a submission very quickly, because Holm has no real life competition experience dealing with a high level grappler like Ronda on the ground.

I believe that this fight is perfectly setup to last less than 7.5 minutes, which makes the under 1.5 rounds a great bet.

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MY BETTING TIP: 5 Units [5% of your bankroll] on this fight to last less than 1.5 rounds at odds of 1.25 | -400 | 1/4

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