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I’m really sorry that my betting tips for UFC Fight Night 57 are late. This is a very tricky event to bet on because there are so many fights which could go either way. I’ve spent countless hours researching each of the fights on this card and I have eventually found 4 solid betting tips which should return us a good profit.

2 of these betting tips are available for free and the other 2 are only available to my Premium Members. Like I said earlier, I really feel that this is a tricky event to bet on, due to the closeness of the fights. As a result, I have shared the 2 fights which I feel most confident will win, with my Premium Members.

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Josh Copeland is currently undefeated at 9-0 but his record has been padded by fighting a very low standard of opposition throughout his career. Ruslan Magomedov hasn’t competed against significantly better opposition, but he does hold notable wins over Viktor Pesta and Tim Sylvia. He’s also got one fight under his belt in the UFC and he’s also competed in some of the largest MMA promotions in Russia.

Josh Copeland is very dangerous in the first couple of minutes of a fight, but he slows down fast and Magomedov has a good enough chin and good enough footwork to survive the early onslaught.

Here’s some footage of Copeland’s last few fights…

As you can see, Copeland relies on an early onslaught and an over hand right to win his fights. There’s really not that much more to his fighting style. Copeland is a fairly one dimensional fighter and all three of these wins came against very low level opposition.

Magomedov is a good technical striker and he does a really good job of avoiding damage by using footwork and slowing down his opponents with accurate and powerful counter strikes. The following video isn’t a great example, because Tim Sylvia is a slow moving target, but you can see the speed and crispness in which Magomedov is able to throw counter punches whilst he’s under pressure. He was able to utilize this same technique in his UFC debut against Viktor Pesta back in May.

Ruslan Magomedov should be able to inflict bigtime damage on Copeland with his excellent counter punches moving backwards. He should also be able to slow Copeland down early with his vicious leg and body kicks.

Josh Copeland goes by the nickname “Cuddly Bear” but after he eats a few of Magomedov’s body kicks he’s going to look more like the “Big, Fat, Gassed Out Bear”.

Magomedov is a better fighter than Josh Copeland in almost every aspect of MMA. He should be able to win this fight with speed and technique and he should cruise to victory if he can just avoid that power right hook and early onslaught…

OUR BETTING TIP: 10.00 Units [5% of your bankroll] on Ruslan Magomedov to win at odds of 1.50 | -200 | 1/2

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Doo Ho Choi is a huge favourite in this fight, which I find surprising because he hasn’t fought in over a year and Asian fighters tend to perform badly the first time they fight on American soil.

Doo Ho Choi currently holds an impressive record of 11-1, but this record has been padded by fighting a series of Journeyman MMA fighters in small MMA promotions in Asia. If you go back and watch some of Choi’s fights, you will notice that he has poor striking defence and he gets rocked in almost every fight. Here are Choi’s last 2 fights which highlight this issue…

If you watch the first clip you will also notice that Choi doesn’t have the best takedown defence, he gives up position on the ground and he really struggles against guys who push the pace.

Juan Puig is a high pressure fighter with a decent ground game and good top control. He’s also made significant improvements over the last 6 months, since he started training at AKA.

Puig should be able to win this fight by staying competitive in the striking exchanges, controlling the centre of the Octagon and landing the occasional takedown.

I’m not super confident that Juan Puig will win this fight, but he’s already had one fight in the UFC which should take his Octagon jitters out of the equation. Choi hasn’t fought in a year, he’s fighting in America for the first time and there isn’t a huge skill gap between these two guys. At these odds, we’d be mad not to throw a little money on Puig…

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OUR BETTING TIP: 5.00 Units [2.5% of your bankroll] on Juan Puig to win at odds of 4.10 | +310 | 31/10

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