Free Betting Tips, Picks & Predictions UFC Fight Night 65

2015 has been slow for betting on MMA, but this month looks superb with plenty of great value bets that are going to help us put more money in the bank.

I personally feel like UFC Fight Night 65 is a good event for betting and it kicks off a month packed full of fights that have very juicy odds.

I’ve only got 3 betting tips for UFC Fight Night 65, but two of those picks are underdogs and I feel very confident we’re going to hit a clean sweep on this event. If any 2 out of my 3 picks win, we’re guaranteed a decent profit and we’re going to win huge if all 3 bets win.

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I’m a huge fan of Mark Hunt but he’s second best wherever this fight could take place. This is nothing new because Hunt has been second best on paper in almost all of his fights, but this is also fully justified because of his one dimensional fighting style and the fact that he has a very small wingspan for a Heavyweight.

The only way I can see Mark Hunt beating Stipe Miocic is by knockout and whilst many people will use this as justification for betting on him, I personally feel that Hunt winning by knockout is very unlikely…

Mark Hunt has the power to knockout any fighter in the world, but he’s going to have to catch Miocic cold to knock him out and that won’t be easy because Miocic has superb striking defence and a very good chin. I also feel it’s unlikely that Hunt will win by knockout because Miocic does a really good job of staying light on his fight which reduces the impact of strikes and helps him to move out of the way of danger. He also does a really good job of utilizing head movement to slip punches and roll his head in a way that reduces the impact of strikes.

Mark Hunt covers distance well for a big guy, but he doesn’t set anything up. This makes him very predictable and Miocic’s Boxing background, should enable him to identify when Hunt is about to close the distance and circle away from danger. Miocic also has an 8 inch reach advantage over Mark Hunt, which will make it even easier for him to stay out of Hunt’s striking range.

Mark Hunt is now 41 years old, which means Stipe Miocic is 9 years younger than him at just 32. This is a huge advantage in MMA, with the younger fighter winning around 68% of the time when there’s a 9 year age gap in a fight.

I haven’t always rated Stipe Miocic, but his performance against Junior Dos Santos showed us that he has an incredible chin, incredible heart, good cardio and a well rounded style of fighting. Miocic also has strong wrestling and solid fight IQ. Mark Hunt looks very uncomfortable when he’s forced to fight off his back and Miocic could dominate this fight if he’s able to get Hunt to the ground.

It’s absolutely possible that we could lose this bet if Hunt does manage to land one of his Nuclear powered overhand right punches clean on Miocic, but at odds of around 1.50 | -200 | 1/2 I absolutely believe that Miocic is the right bet here. I see a ton of value on this betting line and I personally would have capped Miocic at around 1.33 | -303 | 33/100.

My personal prediction for this fight is Miocic winning by knockout or TKO in the 3rd or 4th round…

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MY BETTING TIP: 5 Units [5% of your bankroll] on Stipe Miocic to win at odds of 1.53 | -188 | 53/100

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