Free Betting Tips, Picks & Predictions for UFC Fight Night 77

We’ve now made a profit on the last 10 consecutive MMA events which has seen us go 19-3 on bets since September the 1st. November is shaping up to be an excellent month for betting on MMA and with a stacked schedule between now and the end of the year I don’t see any way in which this winning run is going to end anytime soon. UFC Fight Night 77 is a really good event for betting and I feel extremely confident that we’re going to make even more money on this event.

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Dan Henderson vs Vitor Belfort Betting Tip Prediction

I’m finding it difficult to predict the outcome of the Dan Henderson vs Vitor Belfort fight, but if I had to pick a winner, it would have to be Vitor Belfort. Problem is, Vitor’s been on a pretty substantial decline since the UFC’s crackdown on performance enhancing drugs and at 38 years old I just can’t justify betting on him at the current odds.

In the past, I wouldn’t have been so concerned with Hendo’s threat of a knockout because he’s so one dimensional, but Vitor Belfort is now 38 years old and reflexes and reaction times start to rapidly decline when you hit the mid 30’s. A younger Vitor would have controlled the distance and easily managed to avoid Henderson’s big over hand right, but I’m not so sure that he’s fast enough to get out of the way of it anymore…

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We’ve already made 64.93 units of profit in 2015.

This means that betting just $10 a unit on each of my betting tips this year would have resulted in a profit of $649. Betting $100 per unit would have resulted in a profit of $6493 and betting $1000 per unit would have resulted in a profit of $64,930.

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Whilst I cannot confidently predict who will win this fight, I do feel confident that this fight will end under 1.5 rounds, because power is the very last thing to go when fighters start to decline with age and Belfort and Henderson still hit extremely hard. I believe that the winner of this fight will be the guy who lands the first clean strike, because I don’t believe either guy has the durability to take anywhere near the kind of damage that they used to. You only have to take a look at how easily Dan Henderson went down in his last fight against Vitor Belfort back in 2013 to see that he’s nowhere near as durable as he used to be…

I believe that betting on this fight to last less than 1.5 rounds is a great move because 7.5 minutes is an eternity for these two fighters to be locked inside the cage together. Both guys have such an incredible amount of power and their durability has declined so much, that it’s only going to take one exchange to end this fight. In order for this fight to last longer than 1.5 rounds, Henderson and Belfort would literally have to avoid each other for 7.5 minutes and I just don’t see it happening.

It’s also worth noting that 9 out of Vitor Belfort’s last 10 fights have all ended in less that 1.5 rounds. I expect this fight to end quickly and violently…

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MY BETTING TIP: 3 Units [3% of your bankroll] on this fight to last less than 1.5 rounds at odds of 1.74 | -135 | 37/50

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