Free Betting Tips & Predictions for UFC 197 – Jones vs St-Preux

UFC 197 is a really good event for betting, which means we’ve got 5 solid betting tips for this event. One of these betting tips can be read for free in this article and the rest can be viewed by our VIP Members.

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Jon Jones vs Ovince St-Preux Betting Tip Prediction for UFC 197

Ovince St-Preux will not break into the top 5 of the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division until he improves his cardio. You just can’t compete at the highest level when you don’t have the gas tank to compete to your full potential for more than 5 minutes. Ovince St-Preux is a dangerous fighter, but he’s only dangerous in the 1st round. After that, his hands start to drop, his movement becomes laboured and his attacks become very predictable. His poor cardio and sloppy technique isn’t going to cut it against the best fighters in the world.

OSP’s biggest weakness is his terrible cardio and now he’s taking a fight against the greatest fighter of all time on just 3 weeks notice. When OSP got the call to accept this fight, he was sat in KFC eating fried chicken. World class athletes at the highest level of their sport don’t eat fried chicken. OSP has had no training camp, no proper weight cut, no proper nutrition and no time to prepare to fight the greatest fighter of all time on less than 3 weeks notice. Jon Jones is coming into this fight in the best shape of his life on the back of the best training camp he has ever had. OSP has a puncher’s chance of winning this fight in the first round and after that he’s absolutely doomed.

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OSP has got this far in his career by being an athletic freak. He has had a reach advantage over almost all of his past opponents and he’s also had a distinct size and strength advantage over most of them too. This will be the first time in OSP’s career where he is fighting a larger opponent, which means he won’t be able to draw on his long reach, strength or power to make up for his lack of technique.

If this fight stays standing, I expect Jon Jones to chip away at OSP on the outside until OSP starts to get tired. OSP usually gasses out by the end of the 1st round, so Jon Jones only has to stay on the outside and shadow box for 5 minutes before this will become one of the easiest fights of his career.

One of Jon Jones’ strongest positions is the clinch. The clinch is also one of the most exhausting positions in MMA. Jones has proven throughout his career that he can go for 5 hard rounds in the clinch position, so I predict we’ll see Jones utilize the clinch in the 1st round to accelerate the speed at which OSP gasses out.

OSP is a decent grappler, but again, he doesn’t have the cardio to keep up with Jon Jones for 5 rounds. Jones has shown throughout his career that he has strong wrestling, excellent submissions and intelligent grappling. OSP has nothing for Jones on the ground.

This is my biggest financial bet of all time. I’ve got £17,000 on Jon Jones to win and I expect this bet to win easily. Sell your house, sell your car and sell your girlfriend and bet it all on Jon Jones. This is about as close to free money as we’re going to get…

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OUR BETTING TIP: 10 Units [10% of your bankroll] on Jon Jones to win at odds of 1.13 | -769 | 13/100

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