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The MMA Betting Tips Hall of Fame

We are the best MMA betting community in the world, because we are dedicated to helping each other make money betting on MMA. Our Hall of Fame pays tribute to our members who have destroyed the bookies by winning big. If you’ve got a bet that you’d like featured on this page, please send your Username and a picture of your bet to [divider]

Forty9ers3298 wins $4144 from a $10 bet

[one_third][userpro template=card user=Forty9ers3298 card_width=200px]UFC Fight Night 61 was a historical event because the underdogs won in 10 consecutive fights. Forty9ers3298 was able to capitalize on this unusual set of results by placing a $10 bet which returned a staggering $4144! Forty9ers3298 is a beast and he should be recognised alongside Jesus for having the skills to turn one fish, into thousands of fishes!!![/one_third][two_third_last]Hall of Fame[/two_third_last]   [divider]

Hugo turns $35 into $315 with his “Impossible Parlay”

When Hugo sent me this bet, he put “Impossible Parlay” in the title of the email. I’m not sure if I agree with that, because this bet looks damn good to me. Hugo did a great job of identifying two excellent underdogs and parlaying them together for a big return. His $35 bet won him $315 and he also made some good money with a couple of other underdog bets which netted him an additional profit of $60.
[one_third][userpro template=card user=hugocrm card_width=200px][/one_third][two_third_last]

[lightbox full=”×576.jpg” title=”Hugo Wins Big”]Hugo wins big[/lightbox][lightbox full=”×576.jpg” title=”Hugo Wins Big”]
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[/lightbox]Bet 1: Adriano Martins to beat Rustam Khabilov.
Bet 2: 2 Fight Parlay. Frank Mir and Douglas Silva to win.[/two_third_last] [divider]

I only got this victory because I’m a member of this site. Who gave me the tip of mir ? Who gave me the tip of martins ? Allsopp and his site… Thank you bro !!


congrats on your bets, you guys 😉


I did 7.50$ into 60$ on Adriano Martins DEC (+700)

then 50$ into 150$ on MIR by FINISH (+200)

so 7.50$ into 160$ for my two bets 😉


Lol damn! Good shit on that $10 parlay. That’s crazy.

Haha this is a cool section. I have something to add to my bucket-list

Forty9ers3298 That bet was insane. I am jealous. The closest I ever came to winning that much was GSP vs Hendricks. But I was robbed and lost. I bet over $200 on Hendricks by decision at +1300 or something like that. I still think that NSAC judges were probably on the take. That’s Y dana white was so mad at the Keith Kizer and saying he was scared to hold fights in Vegas. Also why I think Keith Kizer stepped down as the head of NSAC. Or maybe he resigned because he sucked.

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