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Use our Implied Probability Calculator to find +EV Bets

Implied Probability Calculator

Our Implied Probability Calculator is a handy tool designed to convert betting odds into the probability that the bookies believe those odds will win.

Simply enter the odds of your chosen bet, and the calculator will reveal the probability assigned by bookmakers to its chances of winning.

Should you believe that your bet stands a better chance of winning than the implied probability suggests, you might have identified a bet with positive expected value (+EV).

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What is
Implied Probability?

Implied probability in sports betting is a crucial concept that converts bookmaker odds into a percentage that indicates the probability of a bet winning as estimated by the bookmakers.

Implied Probability is invaluable for bettors because it converts the often complex odds offered by bookies into a straightforward probability percentages.

For instance, if a bookmaker offers odds to win at 2.00 (or +100 in American odds), the implied probability is calculated to be 50%. This percentage doesn’t represent the actual chance of the event occurring, but rather reflects the bookmaker’s estimation of the bet winning, including their margin.

By understanding and utilizing implied probabilities, bettors can make more informed decisions, comparing their own assessment of a bets likelihood of winning against the bookmaker’s and identifying potentially valuable betting opportunities where their analysis differs from the implied odds.

Implied Probability
helps you identify
+EV Bets

Only put your money in strong positions...

Why is Implied Probability important?

Gone are the days of random guesses. Implied Probability translates complex betting odds into straightforward percentages, allowing you to see the probability of a bet winning through the bookmaker’s eyes. This clarity empowers you to make decisions based on solid data, not just intuition and guesswork.

The magic of Implied Probability lies in its ability to uncover overvalued or undervalued bets. By comparing the bookmaker’s probability of a bet winning with your own analysis, you can spot bets that others overlook, giving you an edge over the average bettor.

Risk Assessment Made Easy
Understanding the probability behind the odds helps you gauge the risk associated with each bet. This helps you work out whether your bet has a good risk to reward ratio.
Boost your long term profitability
Implied Probability is not just about winning a single bet; it’s about consistently placing bets that have a good risk to reward ratio. When you only place bets with a positive expected value, you’re setting yourself up for long term profits.
Develop profitable betting strategies
Using Implied Probability can help you develop profitable betting strategies by forcing you to stick to a framework where you are only placing +EV Bets.
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