My MMA Betting Results For UFC 184 – 5.87 Units Profit

I went 3-1 on my betting tips for UFC 184 which resulted in us making a solid profit of 5.87 units. James Krause losing via split decision to Valmir Lazaro was the only thing that stopped us from picking up a clean sweep.

After watching several of Krause and Lazaro’s recent fights, I felt that Krause would have been able to stay on the outside and use his more technical striking to pick Lazaro apart. Instead, Krause chose to fight in close range, which gave Lazaro the opportunity to make this fight competitive.

I personally feel like Krause came into this fight with the wrong game plan because fighting in close range gave Lazaro a chance of winning. I also don’t believe that Krause’s cornermen did a very good job of coaching him through this fight. In between rounds they kept saying to him that he had won the round, when it was clear that every round was very close. If they had been more honest with him, he could have made adjustments during the fight which could have helped him to win.

My pre-fight research identified that Krause had significant advantages over Lazaro, but he had also shown poor fight IQ in some of his past fights. As a result, I only recommended betting 2 units on him to win. This smaller sized bet enabled us to keep our losses to a minimum.

Impressive performances from Alan Jouban, Tony Ferguson and Tim Means made this event feel like an easy nights work and whilst the Derrick Lewis vs Ruan Potts fight was closer than I expected, Lewis still managed to get the job done.

Betting just $10 a unit on each my betting tips for this event would have resulted in a profit of $58.70. Betting $100 a unit would have resulted in a profit of $587 and our high rollers betting $1000 per unit would have banked a total profit of $5870.

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Here are my betting results for UFC 184:

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