Betting Results For UFC Fight Night 46 – 46.40 Units Profit

We banked a huge profit of 46.40 units from our bets at UFC Fight Night 46. All 8 of our betting tips won, giving us a flawless win rate rate of 100%. We’ve already picked out some excellent bets for next week’s UFC on Fox 12, which means that we’re forecasting another big win.

We predicted that this would be a huge night for the SBG Ireland team and we were right, because every single one of their fighters won their fight.

Even though we didn’t bet on Conor McGregor to win, it was still great to see him go out and back up all of his talk. Love him or loathe him, he certainly makes the UFC’s Featherweight division a lot more interesting and I hope he continues on his path to success for sheer entertainment value.

Here are our betting results for UFC Fight Night 46:

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