Betting Results For UFC Fight Night 47 – 6.00 Units Loss

We made a small loss of 6.00 units from our betting tips for UFC Fight Night 47. We only placed 2 bets for this event and both fighters we bet on massively under-performed.

Firstly, Sara McMann should have been able to use her wrestling to gain dominant positions before working ground and pound on Lauren Murphy. She managed to do this to some extent, but despite gaining top position for almost all of the 1st and 2nd round, McMann failed to do any damage. Murphy could quite easily have stolen either round by being the more active fighter and I wasn’t surprised that one judge scored the 1st or 2nd round in favour of Murphy. I felt really confident in McMann before the fight, but this performance highlighted how one dimensional she really is. I’d like to see her fight a more versatile grappler like Miesha Tate or Liz Carmouche next. I think she would really struggle against a strong grappler who can mix it up and shoot for submissions…

My second betting tip saw Zach Makovsky, a former NCAA Division 1 wrestler, get outwrestled for 2 whole rounds by Jussier Formiga, who has never shown any level of wrestling before. Makovsky was able to gain top position and rain down vicious ground and pound in the third round and this is really how the entire fight should have played out. Instead, Makovsky chose to stand up every time he gained top position in the first and second rounds. This cost him bigtime and it showed us all that Makovsky’s still a very green fighter who has a lot to learn before he can be considered as a top contender…

Here are our official betting results for UFC Fight Night 47:

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Next week features two UFC events. First up we have UFC Fight Night 48 live from Macao, China. Then we have UFC Fight Night 49 live from Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ll have betting tips, picks and predictions for both events, as soon as the odds become available.


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