Betting Results For UFC Fight Night 53 – 7.60 Units Loss

[adrotate group=”103″]I’m gutted that our winning run of 7 straight events came to an end at UFC Fight Night 53. I really wanted to bank a profit in 10 consecutive events and now we have to start all over again. I’m just glad that we were able to quickly bounce back with a 20.30 unit profit from our betting tips for UFC Fight Night 54. This profit meant that we still made an overall profit for the weekend and it also sets us up to bank profit for the month of October.

My two losing bets were very unexpected because I really thought that Gasan Umalatov and Ilir Latifi would win. I personally felt like Umalatov beat Cathal Pendred, because Pendred failed to win any area of the fight. Umalatov won almost every striking exchange, he had Pendred badly hurt in the second round and he was also able to stuff all of Pendred’s take down attempts except for one. I really feel like the definition of “Octagon Control” is sometimes misinterpreted. I feel it should be a lot more like boxing, where a counter fighter is seen to be controlling the fight, just so long as the fight is taking place on their terms. I don’t believe a fighter should score points, just because they stand in the center of the Octagon and keep their back off the cage. Umalatov neutralized everything that Pendred tried to do and this, in itself, should be treated as Octagon control. I don’t want to sound like a bad loser, because I can see why some people might score the fight in favour of Pendred, it’s just a little frustrating when you identify a good value underdog bet and lose a close decision that probably should have been scored in our favour. Either way, Umalatov should have done more in the third round to sway the judges and his tentative performance was out of character as he normally fights with a much more aggressive style. After the fight he said that he may have broken his hand in the first round, but I still feel like he could’ve done something in the third round to secure the win.

We had 7 betting tips for this weekend’s UFC events and out of all of them I felt the most confident in our bets on Albert Tumenov and Ilir Latifi. I’m really shocked that Latifi was beaten by Jan Blachowicz, but it kind of summed up the night for Swedish fighters. They all underperformed and the Swedish fighters that won didn’t look that great either.

Latifi’s loss surprised me because Jan Blachowicz hasn’t finished a fight inside the distance in over 3 years and he lacks finishing power. He’s also never competed in a cage before and he doesn’t have very good take down defence or wrestling. Latifi should have been able to take Blachowicz down and keep him there, but instead he got dropped with a body kick and turtled up in the first round.

Latifi’s loss summed up the night for Swedish fighters, because the majority of them lost their fights in disappointing and devastating fashion. Nico Musoke and Magnus Cedenblad managed to grind out wins, but they didn’t look great. It appears that Sweden might not be the hotbed of up and coming MMA talent that we thought it was…

Despite losing 2 bets, we managed to keep our losses to a minimum. Here are our official betting results for UFC Fight Night 53:

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